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  1. It is easy to understand. IPS need money and they must blow upp someone ... for now are owners of lifetime licenses - how?? Before was invision power board (product) - today is new product - "core" package and when you buy new product - you will get only invision board ... what i can said ...same "faeces" but in new package. Choose is easy ... pay more or move.... regards bosss
  2. Can not download anything from my client area... just button "buy it" but my suite licenses should still work?? Purchased 25 Jun 2011 Expires 02 Jul 2013 Renewal Cost $80.00 Every 6 months regards bosss
  3. I moved back on vb 4 ... was disappointed with IPB - editor problems and losing many of my posts ... two years problems with editor and code tags and still problems ... in vb4 works everything fine ..for my needs ... (this is my opinion)!
  4. Also get database errors like few posts above after reimport app hooks - for now disabled links directory ...board works fine!
  5. And sidebar hook "latest links" show not username .... by ..... and no username? some fix? used last version 4.0.5 4.0.4 worked fine.
  6. Every update of IPB = editor was problem (3.1.4 to 3.2.0, 3.2.0 to 3.2.x, 3.2.x to 3.3.x and last 3.3.x to 3.4.x - nearly 2 years). For me that says that development team can not execute their work - change team and let them to experiment next few years ... or send them to extra education, but try to sell finished and working product. Editor is most immportant part of every community /where people still write posts and make threads). regards bosss
  7. Thanks for nice hook - there is no difference between slow and middle (both are very fast) and very slow is really very slow - Can we adjust somewhere slow speed? regards bosss
  8. Thanks i see 1.1.6 ver
  9. There is no 1.1.6 ver on download section ...only 1.1.5 ...1.1.4 ...and down ...
  10. As i know and what is in his signature (maxx dark skin) - you can read here - and here (in signature) - regards bosss
  11. Thanks for update - now works fine!
  12. Works not in 3.4 - error when login to admin cp! Strict Standards: Declaration of mt_acp_skin_css::global_main_wrapper() should be compatible with that of cp_skin_global::global_main_wrapper() in /home/user/public_html/forum/hooks/mt_acp_skin_css_89e2f62d481ca50d441bcf262675bc60.php on line 29
  13. Thanks for update! :smile:
  14. Yesss ...and this line must be deleted from this template <li class="right"><img src="{$category['category_image']}" style="width:50px !important; height: 50px !important;" class="right" /></li> regards and thanks
  15. Like was in first attached picture ..just some down ....