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  1. Anyone please? Is there a file I have to modify? Or a setting I am missing?
  2. Ok, So the root of my forum displays the "Something went wrong" and EX0 error code. Also, in the admin area: community/forums segment, only my first category is listed and everything else is listed as forums_forum_forumid for both categories AND forums. Does anyone have any idea as to what is going on?
  3. Cancel the above. I am in ok, but now the pages have the Error Code EX0 and "Something went wrong" message. Oh my days
  4. Thanks Sonic. I have got online now and into the admin area fine but the forum homepage displays a driver error screen stating there appears to be an error with the database. Not sure whats going on now.
  5. Hi all, Just upgraded to RC 4 but I only get the error page on my site: An error occurred (500 Error)Anyone know whether I have missed something obvious here? Many thanks.
  6. Carried out the conversion. No problems to report :)
  7. Thank you for the reply Brandon. Much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the reply, personally I would much prefere to use the stock skin that is shipped with the sofware. Less hassel when it comes to upgrades and compatibility etc. :)
  9. Good morning, I can fully appreciate that this question may not have an answer just yet as the team continues to design 4.0. I run quite a large forum that is used, predominantly, by the 'older' person. Design is a very important factor for me as they require the look and colour scheme to be easily readable. I am in the process of designing more features for my users but using the forum framework so to save having to redesign the content I am creating can you tell me if 4.0 is going to use the same colour scheme as the current 3.4.5? Again, I can appreciate if the design has not yet been decided but any information regarding the above question would help my cause. Kindest regards.
  10. Hi, paid for this but nothing shows on my board once I have turned it on. Any ideas? Using IPB 3.4.5
  11. Loving IPB 3.2 !!

    1. media


      me too :)

  12. publically wants to say Thank You to the wonderful people of Wootton Bassett. Bless you all !!

  13. This is great! A Like/Unlike feature like Facebook would be the iceing on the cake!!
  14. Greets all, Just purchased IP.Chat and I get the message: Service temporaraily unavaliable. Please try again in a few minutes. This maybe really simple but I can not figure it out. Anyone know a solution please? Regards
  15. I have the same problem too. I have uninstalled the skin now. Once the quirks are fixed like the above and other little problem around the board, I will re-install it again. Looking forward to it as it is a wonderful skin, well done.