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  1. hi! the last version will no more grab the videos posted in topics.
  2. Hi newbie, i cannot enter a team, i become a databasefailure like you must enter a teamname! thanks
  3. i think marcher can do this, i need this feature too.
  4. hi, i have a problem with the sorting of importet RSS-Feeds in the Article-Database. I import 10 Feeds and the Date is mixing, one newer, one older, an middleold, an newer, an older and so on. how can i sort the articles from newer to old? fixed. the sorting option in the frontpage manager
  5. only the Video beginns to start. i switched from autoplay to non, but it start.
  6. oh sorry, now its works perfect! thx for the help
  7. now, i wrote the fullpath = and it show me only the first picture.
  8. ive changed the path, without / but it dont work. when i preview the block, it works.
  9. on my site it wont work, pls look and help: