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  1. That was the first thing I did. No dice.
  2. 3.3.4 The issue came up because we are trying to give coding answers and this affects the syntax and makes our answer not work.
  3. Window. On our board, the above text will appear as follows: window. Every single time, by every user. It always changes the capitalization for some reason, and it only happens with the period added at the end.
  4. As a mobile developer myself, I think native > web app. Facebook recently came out and said they made a mistake using HTML5 for their mobile app, and are working on a native app. Web apps are slow and can't match the user experience of web apps. Personally, I would like a well-defined Internet API so that I can implement my own native app for mobile. You guys are not software developers, you are PHP scripters. Just give us the API and let the software developers make the native apps.
  5. I would like to be able to have pre-made emails set up that go out to a user at set intervals after they create their account, and when changing to a certain user group. I would have it set up so one week after ordering our product (and getting moved into the user group for paid customers) they receive an email reminding them of cool product benefits, etc., to minimize post-purchase dissonance. Another one would go out after six weeks to make sure we keep them as a customer.
  6. Here's an idea: a wish list for each user, including IP.Downloads items. Steam has this: A lot of people end up buying each other games, especially around Christmas.
  7. Is it faster? It feels like all the pages are loading much much faster than the previous version.
  8. I didn't even know this existed. That's pretty useful.
  9. I'm late to the 3.2 party because I run a large and complex site, and it took a while to design a new skin for IPB 3.2. The new gallery turned me off from 3.2, and I still think the gallery is bad, but the rest of the new design is actually quite nice. It's been cleaned up a lot, and seems much more consistent. The elimination of separate photos/avatars was good, as well as the uniform avatar size and the new tags feature. Overall, I think this was a big improvement to IPB that improves cohesiveness and usability of the system.
  10. Interesting. There are RSS feed aggregators that will combine and sort items, too. Still, I think we are going to use a single forum and rely on tags, since that is pretty well implemented.
  11. Let's say I have a forum that is only a category. Not a top-level category, but a forum that acts as a category, and cannot be posted to: Fruit And this category forum has four subforums: Oranges Bananas Apples Lemons When viewing the "Fruit" forum, it would display the four subforums at the top. However, it would also display the most recent 10 posts from all subforums in a feed below that.
  12. Does anyone know how to tell if a sale has a commission (came from a referral link)? I don't actually know if referrals are working or not.

  13. Does feed show gallery and downloads image thumbnails yet? I might have asked this already, but I am just waiting to buy...
  14. Gallery and Downloads items should include the image/file thumbnail. Status updates should include the full status updates text. Fix this and I will pay $100 for it.