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  1. Suggestions Forum

    The questions-style forum already has this functionality and it would just have to be slightly modified to support a suggestions forum, where people make requests for products (kind of like this forum). Users would be able to vote on the topic itself, but the replies to the topic would not have any voting. Instead of "vote for this question" it would say "vote for this suggestion". It would be a really good way to track what the community feels is a priority. I will not use the "questions" style forum for this purpose because people would just get confused.

    Hubspot would charge about $7000 a year for this functionality. If IPB added another app for automated marketing and it was really well-tested I would gladly pay $1000.
  3. Mass delete users

    I get to spend the next ten minutes of my morning deleting a bunch of Russian accounts that are variations on the same name and post the exact same thing over and over. There's no guarantee I won't be doing the same thing tomorrow morning or tonight.
  4. I believe Google penalizes broken links, and there's no way to avoid this if your community has been around for a while and gone through changes. A tool to evaluate posts and remove broken links within the community URL would be helpful.

    You also want to have the server send out one email a day after they register, another email three days later, another one seven days later, etc. to keep the customer engaged. You just preconfigure a bunch of emails to automatically send out in scheduled intervals. Hubspot costs big money to do this.
  6. I can't tell you how many people didn't know how to post an image on our forum with the 3.x topic editor. This is much better.
  7. This is the best forum notification system I've ever seen, and hooking into the OS is amazing. The whole site feels very alive.
  8. Status Updates

    I just updated our community from 3.x to 4.1 and I'm wondering where our status updates and blog hooks went. Without having those on the main forum page, they will never get used. We might as well get rid of those features entirely.
  9. Test Topic

    That was the first thing I did. No dice.
  10. Test Topic

    3.3.4 The issue came up because we are trying to give coding answers and this affects the syntax and makes our answer not work.
  11. Test Topic

    Window. On our board, the above text will appear as follows: window. Every single time, by every user. It always changes the capitalization for some reason, and it only happens with the period added at the end.
  12. Mobile Apps Status

    As a mobile developer myself, I think native > web app. Facebook recently came out and said they made a mistake using HTML5 for their mobile app, and are working on a native app. Web apps are slow and can't match the user experience of web apps. Personally, I would like a well-defined Internet API so that I can implement my own native app for mobile. You guys are not software developers, you are PHP scripters. Just give us the API and let the software developers make the native apps.
  13. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Bulk Mail with Mandrill

    I would like to be able to have pre-made emails set up that go out to a user at set intervals after they create their account, and when changing to a certain user group. I would have it set up so one week after ordering our product (and getting moved into the user group for paid customers) they receive an email reminding them of cool product benefits, etc., to minimize post-purchase dissonance. Another one would go out after six weeks to make sure we keep them as a customer.
  14. IP.Content 2.3 Dev Update: Nexus Blocks

    Here's an idea: a wish list for each user, including IP.Downloads items. Steam has this: A lot of people end up buying each other games, especially around Christmas.