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    This is great. Now members can see files in subcategories on my site instead of them appearing empty. A definite improvement. Thanks.
  1. Same problem here. I was able to work around it for now by editing this file: /applications/portal/extensions/core/FrontNavigation/Portal.php changed line reading: class _Portal to class _Portal extends \IPS\core\FrontNavigation\FrontNavigationAbstract I assume it has to do with some menu issue in 4.1 like is shown in one of the patches to 4.1.7 that refers to this type of error. I'm not sure if this workaround causes any other problems, but this at least got me going on 4.1.7 and easier than restoring back to If you haven't upgraded yet, I would hold off until it's fixed though.
    Thumbs up. Very cool. Working great.
    Working good. Nice to let members customize their profile a little bit more.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it before but search is lost on archived topics. Generally it would be a good idea except for the functionality loss. The load times now are fine while not losing the functionality when archiving. It was just the size of an individual forum that was the problem. Hence, moving topics could be a decent solution for this and other problems, maintenance, or many other reasons why one might want to bulk move. I've worked around it for now doing my best with SQL scripting to move older topics out of the main forum each night while updating the various related counters. Most likely I'm missing something though. So it would be nice to have an official routine.
  3. This should really move up the priority list. I have a forum with nearly 4 million posts and 600k topics. In IPB3, the size of the forums didn't seem to matter. In IPB 4, the site chokes up and delays about 2-3 seconds every time someone would click on a forum with a large number of topics in it. By large, I mean several hundred thousand topics and millions of posts. Clicking on a smaller forum is no problem and happens fast. This is a 12 core server with 32 GB of RAM running at 3.2 GHz, MariaDB, etc. and various optimizations, CDN, etc. The only way I could even use IPB4 without reverting back to IPB 3 and reconsidering my alternatives, was to chop up the forums into smaller ones. The main forum being about 50k topics max. Most likely the way I do it is not the best through various SQL statements. But to keep the site moving with sub second load times, I push out topics over 90 days old into an annual forum. I know there's an archive option, but the last time I tried that I didn't like that it took those topics out of searches and member's history. I'd rather just have an option to move topics to another forum after X days without the archiving.
    Great job. Sometimes it's good to just get a second look at something before posting it.
  4. With IPB 4.1.4 the sort order of portal topics does not seem to work if selecting to sort by topic start time. Rather, it sorts by default of last updated topic no matter what the setting. It worked correctly with IPB . I had to change the sortBy line in portal.php from start_date to forums_topics.start_date and it then works as expected. Edit: Seems to be IPB bug with fix attached at following URL. After reversing my edit and applying the patch it works as expected again.
    One of the most popular plugins on our board for a long time. Glad to see it with 4.X.
  5. With IPB 4.1.4 the sort order of portal topics does not seem to work if selecting to sort by topic start time. Rather, it sorts by default of last updated topic no matter what the setting. It worked correctly with IPB . I had to change the sortBy line in portal.php from start_date to forums_topics.start_date and it then works as expected.
  6. The only way I found around it was to write a relatively simple front end script to manage people's secondary groups through SQL. It's just an array field in the member table. Then everything else runs natively without other programs and hooks using resources. I don't think this would be viewed favorably on the cloud though. It's probably an idea for stand alone server eyes only. It does has the advantage of having everything else running natively without substantial performance hits though.
  7. I'm not getting a PM icon either. The PM is there. Just no icon. Notification settings are set correctly. And a regular PM works as expected. As soon as I send a regular PM to the new member, I get a 1 on the notification icon, and 2 on the PM. Before that nothing. Edit: I'm running IPB
  8. This needs to be brought back.
  9. Generally images displayed on a page should match their served size. HTML scaling is not generally appropriate. Most page speed ranking services will also tell you this. They will even take it a step further and go into sprite use depending on your sites use of images. As it is, for years I have had to work around this in IPB by manually editing various templates, system files and settings to pull my images from a caching resize script. These are some of the optimization techniques I would rather see implemented in IPB. The example on page 1 of this thread is simply HTML scaled and is the same as the full size image. Instead of using 150KB it should probably use 50KB. If you have 10 images like this, now you're up to 1 MB of unnecessary extra transfer for the page.
  10. Here's a rough javascript file that seems to work around the problems with this download on 3.4.5. It could be improved on and could have some bugs, but it should at least get things going. 1. What I did was still use the files from this download, but disable the hook part. 2. Then save the following script below to /public/js/notify.js 3. Modify the your-web-site-here to your ipb board url. 4. Modify 60000 at the end to however many seconds you want the check interval to be x 1,000. So this is 60 seconds. 5. Put a <script src='/public/js/notify.js'></script> somewhere in your global template, potentially in an area where it shows for members only. 6. This script presumes jquery is loaded somewhere already. var GetNotify = jQuery.noConflict(); var notify_data = ''; var notify_count = ''; var mess_count = ''; var orig_title = document.title; setInterval(function(){"", { secure_key: ipb.vars['secure_hash'] }, function (notify_data) { mess_count = notify_data['pms_cnt']; notify_count = notify_data['ntfs_cnt']; if (mess_count > 0 ) { GetNotify('#inbox_link').html('<span class="ipsHasNotifications"></span>&nbsp;'); GetNotify('#inbox_link span').text(mess_count); document.title = "New Notifications"; }; if (notify_count > 0 ) { GetNotify('#notify_link').html('<span class="ipsHasNotifications"></span>&nbsp;'); GetNotify('#notify_link span').text(notify_count); document.title = "New Notifications"; }; if (mess_count == 0) { GetNotify('#inbox_link').html(''); }; if (notify_count == 0) { GetNotify('#notify_link').html(''); }; if (mess_count == 0 && notify_count == 0) { document.title = orig_title; }; }); }, 60000);