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  1. if ( $user['pp_reputation_points'] >= $reps ) { IPSMember::save( $member_id, array( 'core' => array( 'member_group_id' => $gid ) ) ); to something like if ( $user['pp_reputation_points'] >= $reps && $user['pp_posts'] >= $posts ) { IPSMember::save( $member_id, array( 'core' => array( 'member_group_id' => $gid ) ) ); this is not correct for sure $user['pp_posts'] idk how is it managed in ipb :smile: And users could just ignore default feature or remove it or edit it idk ?
  2. Umm yes.. And there is no possible way getting re-coded app to support both post and reputation?
  3. Yes but like this lets say this is what i really want to do: I have rank Newbie and rank Member now I put on newbie 25 posts to promote to member And i put on your hook 50 rep to promote newbie to member So it will work then to promote newbie to member on 25 posts and 50 reps or it will promote it directly when it hits 25 posts? :S
  4. Is it possible to promote user by xx posts and xx reps?
  5. Looking for an IPB mod coder