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  1. No it wasn't lifetime. I need to be renewed every six month or so.
  2. this was the offer - "2) We are offering either $25 off a standard license (was $149.99), or $25 off our full special offer (was $299 for Board, Blog, Gallery, Downloads and IP.Content)" Does it state anywhere that If I do not renew I'll loose my licence ?
  3. The support should know about the promotional under which the customer has purchased, no ?
  4. here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  5. Check the screenshot of Invoice in post #8 (It clearly says community suit) Check the email I quoted from IPB in post#4 from IPB before I made the purchase. Who here other than Lindy believes community suit doesn't include blog and gallery ? Back in 2009 when my account was active I used to download blog and gallery from client area.
  6. Well any desire to port over from vb is gone now. Lindy Throgmartin, who I am conversing with in ticket is apparently from the management team. She has decided that Community Suit does never included blog and gallery. So what now ?
  7. By posting in 'Company Feedback' forum. this is me escalating the issue. The invoice is still showing in account, I don't get why this confusion and why I have to run around in circles.
  8. Thanks Aiwa, But If support doesn't 'support' what else could I do. My transaction says 'Community suit', Shouldn't it be clear that suit includes board, gallery and blog ?
  9. For sure I'd renew first. The main issue is blog and gallery are not there to renew. According to support I never had them Check below emal in response to my presale query, I paid 275$ for full 'special' offer.
  10. Way back in 2009, not happy with the direction vbulletin was headed I invested in IPB so that someday I could port from vb3 to IPB. I paid for 'IP.Board Copyright Footer Removal , IP.Downloads , IP.Board: Community Suite , IP.Content'' Now I am considering to make the switch. Yesterday when I logged into my account I couldn't see my purchases So opened up a ticket.(877972) Now the issue. Board, Downloads and content has been added back but not the gallery and blog. According to IPB support I have forfeited gallery and blog for some reason. Also all other purchases are showing as 'Inactive' unless I renew I can't even use the versions I paid for.
  11. This link should help http://forums.codersrefuge.com/tutorials/article/41-show-user-agent-in-online-list/
  12. I'd rather have an option to limit the characters for each article in the feed to prevent forum leeching via RSS. VB admins have been demanding this for years now !
  13. It will be quite useful for small communities or forum that are just starting.
  14. Thank You ! I was using some old version. After upgrading everything works fine.