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  1. Forms Support

    Widget support on its way?
  2. Forms Support

    Yeah, all I need is widget support. Then this app would be golden! It's odd linking users to a new page to fill out a form relating to a page I've already designed.
  3. Forms Support

    Placement of form in other custom pages.
  4. Quizzes

    Purchased. I'm excited to see the member group promotion. When that is added, I can activate Rules easily to work with this.
  5. Forms Support

    Really happy with this application. Would like to request the custom page support as well. I see a few others have requested it. Would really be beneficial to my community. Thanks so much!
  6. Quizzes

    I know it was already mentioned, but I would really like to see Rules integration. I will purchase this app if it is integrated. It is crucial for my community.
  7. Forms Support

    Is it possible to create a form and then link someone to it and have fields pre-filled out? Like /page/?subject=Test and the subject line would be "Test" then?
  8. iAwards

    Having the same issue.
  9. Show us your IPB 4 sites! It's a virtual game created using the Rules app:
  10. Pokes - IP.Board 4.x

    @-RAW- Would it be possible to pay you for Rules integration to be added to my install? I'm really looking to get it up and running on my site with that integration.
  11. Pokes - IP.Board 4.x

    Is this the support thread for the mod or?
  12. Pokes - IP.Board 4.x

    Hi there, I just purchased your Pokes app, and I'm really liking it so far. Thank you so much for releasing it. I own Rules developed Kevin Carwile, and I was wondering if you had any plans to add a rules trigger to your app. I would be willing to pay custom for it to be added. What I would like to do is be able to trigger a rule I wrote when a user pokes another user. Let me know if you are interested/would be able to assist.
  13. Is there a way to hide threads on a per thread basis though? I wouldn't want a "voting forum" just so I could hide those threads. Plus, maybe I want people to read the thread content but not see the results of the poll.
  14. Automation Rules - FULL

    Kevin's app has countless uses. I built a virtual game utilizing the app, and it only took around a week to do so. I've never encountered an error, but when I've been confused, Kevin is extremely helpful and quickly provides assistance. 5/5, I'd say this is the best app in the Marketplace.
  15. Auto Welcome Support

    I'm not using Facebook, so I'm not sure. I think they were spam accounts though that were not getting fully deleted due to my settings. I've added a question and answer to the registration form, and it seems to have stopped. So I don't believe it was anything to do with the app. Thank you for responding so quickly though, I appreciate it!