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  1. Thanks for this and the other ones you make 8) Is there an update for 3.2 for this one?
  2. Yup it does work for 3.2 too, I can confirm after upgrading that it does. Awesome 8)
  3. Cool, I anxiously await for the update then 8)
  4. I would like to see an update for 3.2 too
  5. I just installed v1.3.0 on my board (3.1.4) and for some reason labels are missing in the management area (see attachment). Is there supposed to be labels there? Anything I can do?
  6. For some odd reason recently random rooms have been spawned causing others to be lost even though they are joining to the same url. I turned off the multiroom service option you have in the settings but no luck. So my best guess right now is that tinychat is still having issues given they went offline not long ago. Is anyone else experiencing this or have any insight to offer me? Anyway thanks for this awesome mod!