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  1. I've lost count of the times I've accidentally pressed the forum icon on tablet/mobile and marked a forum read. Having an option to undo this or a pop up confirmation "are you sure you want to mark all forums read" would be very handy for my fat thumbs.
  2. When I run an update I create a new theme, easier that way than messing around with the templates, Moono is always set as the editor skin, no idea why.
  3. I have JavaScript in the footer but hasn't changed the editor, check your theme settings that it's set to default and not Moono
  4. The reason I purchase IPB is I believe it to be the best forum software available on the internet, I'm not interested in being a part of any political agenda, I do that in the voting booths. I don't agree with calling any business out asking to publicly announce their political stance, If IPS do decide to show their support for or against the travel ban my renewal money will be paid on time regardless of which way you swing.
  5. I can be notified when someone replies to my topic, quotes me, mentions me, replies to a status, follows me and it's all great. But when a member reports a post there is no way to be notified when a moderator comments on the report. Not all reports are handled straight away, some posts moderators like to see what all mods think firs, the only way is to keep opening the warning icon and seeing if the title has turned bold. When we have a notification system already in place for content across the forum, would it be possible to have.... X has commented on X report That would be a lovely addition to the IPB.
  6. #ipsLayout_contentArea:after left: 1020px; right: -28px; That should fix it
  7. Shadow on the right side is off
  8. My licence expired today so I have no access to support, client lounge or technical boards so guessed I should post this here. I want to renew but drop commerce from the renewal as I no longer use this app, appears it's not possible since the client area upgrade. How do I go about this?
  9. When viewing the popular content section of the leaderboard, clicking the title of the most liked post to be taken to the first post of the entire topic makes little sense, I know if you click on "a post in the topic" or the time below it will take you to the post but I've only had it up half hour and a couple of members have mentioned it. The topic title should take you straight to that post.
  10. Of course, just my opinion that's all. Would include an on/off switch tho for users, I know I'm not alone and the last thing you want to do is put members off for a month
  11. Sorry to sound like a scrooge but I can't understand why people add the snow falling to their sites, festive yes but very distracting when you're trying to read
  12. I allow it as I find restricting what members can talk about is more likely to drive them away to other sites or social media with no such restrictions, we have forum rules in place that moderators act on and issue warnings. Off topic stuff such as politics is what also keeps the forum active during what would be quiet times, right now we have a 432 page Brexit topic which is still going strong.
  13. No offence to Kevin, I just don't like relying too much on 3rd party developers
  14. Would be nice if there was a way to alert members automatically when their post has been hidden, either by sending a default PM regardless of their inbox quota or settings. Another option would be a note to be left where their post was that only they and staff can see. Your post was removed by [insert moderators name] because [insert reason], similar size text to when a post is made by a user you have on ignore with a warning sign next to it. Can be time consuming having to contact each member every time a post is removed, if we don't contact members sometimes believe their post didn't go onto the forum for whatever reason and post again. Found it works well to let members know their post was hidden as other times they may not even realise, it's kinda like a reminder of the forum rules.
  15. I know, looked into it, just couldn't find an icon that looked right, everything I tried stood out like a sore thumb and sent my OCD nuts. I'm a master on Microsoft Paint but have a Macbook now so my artistic talents are limited to Google image search