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  1. V 3.1 Now available : New for version 3.1 - UCP Page for users no file edits New for version 3.1 - Users can toggle CometChat modules, based on there access that is set via the admin ACP New for version 3.1 - Admin setting to allow users to toggle CometChat modules or not.
  2. Hi SerialNoob, I'm not going to be updating the readme file, the reason being is that I will be making an extra hook to add in the UCP setting, so that no file edits will be needed :)
  3. New CometChat integration V3 released!

  4. New CometChat intergration V3 released!

  5. V3 Is now out and ready for download. Extra features include : Set if you want the home link visible/enabled globally Set if you want the scroll to top link visible/enabled globally Set if you want the share icons visible/enabled globally Set which groups do not have access to the games feature Set which groups to not have access to the announcements feature Set which groups do not have access to the chatrooms feature Hope you enjoy this release.
  6. Thanks for the question Xbox360Modder - this was an error, and has now been removed in the updated information page. To confirm, this is a paid listing. Version 2.2 released - full refactor for up and coming enhancements. I can confirmed that it works on all v3 installations up to 3.4.5
  7. Sorry all been away from IPB for sometime now. Going to pick this project back up add a few features e.t.c Updated will be coming soon.
  8. where are the conversion scripts held to convert phpbbv3 to ipb?

    1. Ryan Ashbrook

      Ryan Ashbrook

  9. Just been made aware of this by Michael (thanks for the PM) I thought that listing it in IP content blocks would of been self explanitory? Apologies if not to all concerned. As noted by rastax, anyone that has a problem with my blocks gets an instant refund.
  10. It just "sits" on your site, with no control from within the site of who can use it, options to see it etc. With my hook you can (based on usergroups and names) select entire groups which can use this feature, ban specific members, and even give the users who can view the bar the option to disable it with the UCP.
  11. hey my friend how can i make a cool homepage, im very new to this

  12. Thats a very good idea and something I will do in the future release :)
  13. Suite

    Nice one thankyou :) If you need a tester for this, keep me in mind :)
  14. Suite

    still the same error I'm afraid.
  15. Suite

    Could really do with an update on this please...