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  1. Club Categories?

    Permissions for Clubs with a category / group is essential to allow admins allow or prevent member of creating clubs when they are not apart of a group... Example: Advertisers/Sponsors who are in the Affiliate Group (once they paid and their secondary group was added ) they would be able to add clubs to the "Affiliate Clubs", where regular members could create clubs in the "User Groups" club, which may be below the fold.
  2. Should the body content of private messages be encrypted in the database, and only decrypted when the users in the thread is reading the message?
  3. The bug tracker is missing from the Resources menu https://invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/alpha-and-beta-reports/
  4. Profile bugs...

    moved to bug tracker.
  5. Club: Update after Move

    is clubs and forums a separate table? are they the same wouldn't it be better not to have to setup and mass move but just re assign the forum to a club, keeping it intact?
  6. Staff Directory (Club Owners)

    Hence the classification Club Leaders or Club Owners they would be the staff for their respective clubs.
  7. Would make logic sense to have a dynamic staff list of Club owners.
  8. Club Member API?

    Was looking at permissions for the REST API and didn't see any reference to Clubs - my thought process is to allowed select affiliate sponsor ( REST expert ) to manage their group as they sell stuff on their site add - after validating they don't exist as member to my site create an account and enroll them into their club.
  9. Club Categories?

    Doesn't seem to be a way to group Clubs together? I'd want to be able to group them by "Affiliate Sponsors" and "User Groups" etc or some other grouping. And be able to force the sort order of the groups.
  10. Club Views...

    haven't played too much with fluid view - Probably first instinct was the list view. (so that it resembles the standard "index")
  11. Club Views...

    Havent' ventured too far just playing with a raw empty beta on my server. First impression the index itself.
  12. Club Views...

    well instead of a grid view of Clubs a traditional row list view would be more familiar with many.
  13. Club Views...

    All of these views are needed for clubs.
  14. On the home page on the site there is a list of blogs clicking on the link always scrolls to the bottom, its distracting I would think the the title / link would stay at the top the reply count bubble would take you to the latest comment.
  15. New: Commerce Improvements

    how about auto currency conversions, form some look up API?