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  1. when a new version is released it would be nice if there were some "new" flag or link list of updated /new places in the ACP where settings and changes reside. And a way to clear the indicator once you understand and have enabled or adjusted the new settings.
  2. I am not sure exactly what it is but the forum tree in the ACP is hyper sensitive to dragging & dropping. I have on occasion had jumped in very quickly to move some things around and with out realizing it had the entire forums structure all messed up - forums moved as sub forums and unrelated forums in other categories. And there isn't an easy way to restore the forum orders. The ability to drag and drop is great but for some reason even toggling the disclosure triangle can sometimes adversely reorder the category up or down. Is it the libraries that is being used? should there be some other 'edit' mode for organization? perhaps unlimited undo?
  3. I too realize that for the use of the plugin it is rather expensive - for the fact i purchased this just about 10 months ago, and only was able to use it for about a month, the perpetual cat and mouse game IPB upgrade broke this and I had to disable this app - I last updated it back in October but since I have not been able to get this app to work, I now see there was an update in April after my renewal window - and can't download an update unless i 'renew' and pay $10 again for something I haven't been able to use.
  4. horizontal tabs are fine as long as they are ONE ROW but when tabs stack up and the break point is dependent on the width of the window or device- this is a TERRIBLE design approach. i'd be happy if when editing the theme or any area that has more then a row of tabs that it uses the entire window and only go back a level when you ask not every time you save. and the top two left navigation bars condense / or disappear or folding to a hierarchal menu and - become "back navigation" or keep them and scroll right to provide needed space for new contextual interface.
  5. bump - would like to suggest this design approach again in the current version I dislike putting that much interface and content into a popover display - it's just way too much. plus every time you 'save' any function the popover is dismissed and you have to click the edit button again and then painfully tab find the setting you were on before. after any save the menus should be sticky and the popup notification that the action was committed is sufficient to convey such.
  6. It really depends on context. And what your consuming... If each of your forums are islands and independent you would then navigate the triditional forum hierarchy top down, and any searches would be restricted to the forum(s) intended ignoring other forums that are not relevant. Or buy one domain & forum for your very specific private community topic. When all forums on the site are related in some manner or you are a site moderator / admin having a timeline of all content is more important to get a pulse of the community in whole. We all live busy lives and for me trying to 'catchup' on the site when i've been a way is near impossible from a top down approach being able to step back in time and see trend or conversations that interest me make the most practical use of time. Yes there are unavoidable influences from other social platforms such as twitter / Facebook but these are relatively new on the scene compared to traditional hierarchical forums. Traditional forums must adapt to trends and ux and ui standards or risk atrophy as members leave for other venus. Keep in mind many new people coming to the net for data consumption have little experience with traditional forums nor have the patience to learn seemingly antiquated design pattern. Streams are a design pattern that resonates with more people. This is still there in the forum view. https://invisionpower.com/forums/forum/481-product-feedback/ You can fully customize the Stream to be as restrictive or inclusive as you need. https://invisionpower.com/discover/618/ Made this forum only appear in the stream.
  7. Do you have any screen shots of what it looks on the pubic side. If a post had 3 fields how it would look reading the topic? Does it appear between the time and the body or between the body and the signature?
  8. is there any chance profile fields should be used as defaults to seed new posts - so that you don't have to select something each time?
  9. So i have a technical form and so almost every forum will have the same fields like what version / platform post is about, that would be entered from a pre-defined dropdown for each field as the user makes a post. how is the data stored and displayed Is the data entered just inserted in to the "body" of the post or displayed somewhere else like above the signature in the post when viewing? also i have custom fields for the user profile can i use these as "default" values to populate these fields when a post is made allowing users to change the value for each new post, and possibly a check box to also update their default profile values? Thanks
  10. some things make sense to edit 'inline' with a popup style interface but when there is a lot of data to enter or review like the Editing your profile, this user experience isn't ideal. I would like to see a switch so admin can decide how to present the edit profile - In a popup or a full window. if its a full window this would also restore the means to give someone a url that when they click on it or enter it into a browser (when logged in) it will display THEIR profile page - something we lost with the popover.
  11. It would be nice if we could post 360 videos inline without having to post them on a third party site. Are there any libraries that cold be added and provide the vr controls? and / or if on other sites live inline rendering https://theta360.com/s/jet0QCyoXHuWca7QFhwFVRsTg
  12. In a few days I am off to Amsterdam, Berlin, and Prague it's turning out to be an annual adventure.
  13. also no way to restrict ad unit to a specific size and options to disable uploading of "smaller" ads.
  14. expired ads should retain artwork (archive them) should you need to prove what ads were run along with statistics (clicks / impressions)
  15. also the logic to evaluate appropriate discounts does not work effectively. Once items are in the cart there needs to be another re-evaluation of cart contents and the rules for discounting. So that all items reflect the discount. Currently i think the logic only is applied on adding items to the cart - and if you do it out of sequence the discounts will not apply also if you choose a child item first then add the parent second they do not become linked.