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  1. Topic Icons (Support Topic)

    I sent you a PM
  2. Topic Icons (Support Topic)

    Hi, I have 2 questions Does it only work with the default skin? I have a IPSFocus skin and unfortunately the icons do not appear in the Themes (list only). Why? In the Topic List, the icon appears correctly with both the default skin and the IPSFocus skin, but I ask: since I use a thumbnail system, this is what appears. In order of display: icon > thumbnail > title You can reverse the position of the icon with the thumbnail position so that the icon is always attached to the title and not divided by the thumbnail? I would like to order: thumbnail > icon > title
  3. Most Liked Topic This Month

    Beautiful and useful I have a question: how often the plugin updates the content in the widget? It seems to me that remains stationary in when it was inserted for the first time What am I doing wrong?
  4. Featured Content for IPS 3.4.x

    I did the upgrade to ipb 3.4.2 and the slide does not work
  5. [HQ] Automatic Topics List

    when you view the list lets you see only the title I would like to display the title and the description
  6. [HQ] Automatic Topics List

    when viewing the list I'd like that person views over the title also the description
  7. [HQ] Automatic Topics List

    I have the plugin Topic Description and can see the description on the list and not just the title?