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  1. New: Clubs

    Thank you for you time! It will be interesting to see what users will do...
  2. New: Clubs

    I'm really trying to understand why people will use clubs instead of simply creating a topic in a specific area of the forum and post in it like it was a "club" ? i'm not being sarcastic... can someone explain to me ??
  3. New: SEO Improvements

    "Fix many duplicate page title issues. " Finally...
  4. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Looking great!!! How did you put that "Join us now" block there ? This was made by you or a addon ? I want it too Thank you
  5. Critique my community

    Hello, Zack. Since your forum target games, first thing that comes to my mind is to promote tournaments. People will be interest to comment results, upcoming games and stuff. Aside from a prize, you could create a special member group for the winner, different colors and even a trophy (there's was a addon for this on 3.x, dont know about IPB4). People like the prestige to be a little different in the community, others will want this too.
  6. Are forum communities dead?

    I agree when you say that forums will be around, my biggest fear is that forums become the IRC of chat systems - It will be used and known ? Yes, but for very specific purposes only If things continue this way, of course (just my opinion).
  7. Are forum communities dead?

    IPB is great, forums are great. I would never, in a million years, change forums for Facebook as an user. I have a IPB board since 2007 with 220.000+ users that one day was VERY active, but now, every year that passes I have less activity and less registrations. From what I see in my niche, people are going to Facebook groups, because everybody is already there. It's easy and convenient even for the most inexperienced user. I think that the way search engines see forums is not helping our cause either. After panda algorithm, a lot of content in forums are considered "thin content" and content is king for better positions on search engines, but you can't control what 220.000 users wrote in the past 8 years (or will write). You can't block people that can't write useful topics and all topics can't be carefully manipulated by the owner in a busy forum. The majority of content in most busy forums can easily be considered as "low quality" by Google and this affect the whole domain, even the good content. (read google's guidelines) Seo matters if we like it or not Less visibility in search engines = less traffic = less people knowing your forum exist. I think that if forum companies don't come up of something new, we all know what will happen with forums in the next years
  8. [HQ] Google CSE -pro-

    ​I already sent you a PM several days ago. Without a response...
  9. [HQ] Google CSE -pro-

    App not working at all. CSE is configured and enabled on adsense panel, ID entered on app, all groups can use the google search on my forum, but when someone tries to use the search, nothing happens on the new page or popup. Not even errors, just the forum layout with nothing. What can I do ?
  10. Can't Renew My License

    The problem was solved :) My name have a special character that cause the invoce to not build correctly here in InvisionPower.
  11. Can't Renew My License

    Already sent my second ticket to Sales support (since I'm having trouble paying) Should I send one for General Support too ? Thanks.
  12. Can't Renew My License

    PayPal replied my request... There's nothing wrong with my account to make this error happen, since all my other payments are OK. @Cnmoore That's what I think is happening, the Invision Site is not making the invoice correctly after I bought the IP.Gallery.
  13. Can't Renew My License

    Unfortunately, InvisionPower can't solve my problem and the paypal support don't replied my support request. The weird thing, is that I use paypal to pay almost everything on the internet, without similar problems. The problem here(on Invision) started after I bought the IP.Gallery. Now, instead of going to the paypal default payment page (where you can log in and chose you credit card to pay), you go to the paypal index page.
  14. Can't Renew My License

    I send a ticket 20 hours ago. I guess the support is working on a solution to my problem.
  15. Can't Renew My License

    I tried different browsers, without success... The only thing different in this renew, is that I have IP.Gallery now.