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  1. Thank you codingjungle. This looks like a great choice over the alternatives.
  2. Will using node.js conflict with Jquery or AJAX that's currently being used on the site? Is the chat on every page (global), or is it on a dedicated page? Can you restrict users depending on what IPS group they are in? Can keep out guests? Can you have a room for a specific group?> Being JS based, is it possible that users can change their names and other permission locally (bypassing admin enforced settings)? Is there any history kept? Where's it kept, locally with users or server? When a new users enters the Babble chat, how for back can they read?
  3. Still looking for a way to make a new Topic (instead of reply) for each thing that's imported. Is it possible?
  4. I would love to be able to attach a PDF file to the bulk mail. We do a newsletter for our community and for now we email a link to the pdf.