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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Data_Protection_Regulation I glanced through the EU cookie law thread to ascertain Invision's general approach to local regulations, but I'm wondering if the product management folks have one eye to this new data protection law, which goes into automatic effect in 2018. I haven't delved properly into the implications for our community, but a cursory reading suggests additional functionality may be required, such as data portability. I know some US sites went to the trouble of accommodating the cookie law, presumably to have a single code base to support, but this obviously seems a little bit more in-depth and so would appreciate Invision's thoughts.
  2. Reported post should contain snapshot of post

    Excellent, thanks. I needed to enable the "can view edit log" permission for the Moderators group.
  3. Reported post should contain snapshot of post

    This may not be the place for this question, but having enabled this edit history (the 3rd option, which includes content versioning), where do moderators access earlier versions of posts? The edit history under moderation options for a thread shows the edit timeline, but I don't see where the actual earlier content is accessed.
  4. Version / Security concern

    It feels contrived, but you're a lone admin of a smaller site and are away for a couple of weeks. 19 and 19.1 dropped within about a week, so I could see you logging in and missing the red banner. Obviously, the system is currently orders of magnitude better than 3.x, but keeping the banner red if any pending updates are critical is a nice nod to security.
  5. [] dammit, Jim, we need an AND tag-search!

    Our users are also calling for a NOT filter. For instance, endless threads full of silly banter could be filtered out of a stream if appropriately tagged.
  6. Version / Security concern

    I think the point is, if you're on anything less than 4.1.19, you're exposed to the security defect. However, if you miss the red banner (and perhaps email notification) and only catch, you could be forgiven for missing the fact that you're a critical update behind.
  7. Reported post should contain snapshot of post

    Interesting, thanks. Is that new? I've not noticed that feature before. Is it a delta or a complete copy of the post each time it is edited? But yes, agree with you there.
  8. When you report a post and subsequently review that report as a moderator, the post in the report is a live view of the post, not as it was at the time the report was filed. That is, any edits made after the report was filed are reflected in the view of the post in the report. Our moderators frequently respond to reported posts which have had offending remarks edited out, and therefore cannot see the reported content. Feature request: the forum should record a snapshot of a reported post at the tile the report is filed. If that needs to have an on/off toggle to prevent the db filling up with "extra" copies of posts, that's fine. Alternatively, full post versioning might be handy, bit I appreciate that's a much heavier lift.
  9. Logging in will log out all other devices

    I just came here looking or an update on this issue. Look at the sort of scenario some of my members are stuck with: He claims no cache/cookie clearing, etc. It seems pretty unreasonable. Anyway, we'll try this plugin.
  10. Hi When you hit Cancel, you get "Are You Sure?" with the options "Cancel" or "OK" - so which is the one which will confirm the cancel and which is the one which will go back to editing the post? The options should be "Are you sure?" -> "Yes" or "No" (or vice versa if it makes more conventional UX sense to have the confirmation on the right)
  11. Long term future of the self-hosted option

    To be fair, IPS' cloud hosting is prohibitively expensive in certain situations. I know we effectively pay through volunteer expertise, but the physical costs for self hosting are vastly cheaper than the enterprise package IPS inform us we would require if switching to CiC.
  12. Long term future of the self-hosted option

    That would help quite a bit. We used to run a Windows setup, probably the bane of the support folks we talked to, and despite quite a bit of communication back and forth, would regularly be referred to "our host". Well, that's us. I agree that it would afford clearer communication.
  13. removing sphinx hurts...

    As we're moving hardware , we temporarily moved to cloud hosting with double the cores and evidently some sort of serious SAN setup. It crunched the last 25% of the search reindex in about a day. It's unfortunate, because our previous hardware used to run 3.x without breaking a sweat. For large data sets, if you don't have serious hardware, it does appear to be worth ponying up for some cloud compute during the transition.
  14. 7 ways to secure your community

    How do you implement admin restrictions? It isn't obvious from the ACP.
  15. removing sphinx hurts...

    Having said that, we upgraded from 3.4 to 4.1 in early February, and our final task (search reindex) is still running on our 10 million posts. While we're dealing with such large data sets from older IPS software, it would be great to have a tool that would bring to bear the full resources of the server to reindex, much like the UTF8 conversion. This task plodding away in the background, even in manual mode, is intensive enough to cause issues while users are posting, but not intensive enough to warrant taking the forum offline the entire time. (we've tried running manually in a browser window, and scheduled tasks... neither speed up the task appreciably to consider taking the forum offline).