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  1. Hi When you hit Cancel, you get "Are You Sure?" with the options "Cancel" or "OK" - so which is the one which will confirm the cancel and which is the one which will go back to editing the post? The options should be "Are you sure?" -> "Yes" or "No" (or vice versa if it makes more conventional UX sense to have the confirmation on the right)
  2. To be fair, IPS' cloud hosting is prohibitively expensive in certain situations. I know we effectively pay through volunteer expertise, but the physical costs for self hosting are vastly cheaper than the enterprise package IPS inform us we would require if switching to CiC.
  3. That would help quite a bit. We used to run a Windows setup, probably the bane of the support folks we talked to, and despite quite a bit of communication back and forth, would regularly be referred to "our host". Well, that's us. I agree that it would afford clearer communication.
  4. As we're moving hardware , we temporarily moved to cloud hosting with double the cores and evidently some sort of serious SAN setup. It crunched the last 25% of the search reindex in about a day. It's unfortunate, because our previous hardware used to run 3.x without breaking a sweat. For large data sets, if you don't have serious hardware, it does appear to be worth ponying up for some cloud compute during the transition.
  5. How do you implement admin restrictions? It isn't obvious from the ACP.
  6. Having said that, we upgraded from 3.4 to 4.1 in early February, and our final task (search reindex) is still running on our 10 million posts. While we're dealing with such large data sets from older IPS software, it would be great to have a tool that would bring to bear the full resources of the server to reindex, much like the UTF8 conversion. This task plodding away in the background, even in manual mode, is intensive enough to cause issues while users are posting, but not intensive enough to warrant taking the forum offline the entire time. (we've tried running manually in a browser window, and scheduled tasks... neither speed up the task appreciably to consider taking the forum offline).
  7. Ah, there already is an index on those two columns, called first_post But MySQL (5.6.18 win64) doesn't choose to use it. It picks post_date instead. If I force the query to use index first_post then the query takes 0.0 seconds instead of 70+ seconds. Logging a support call with IPS. Still interested why we don't seem to have the same schema as Omri though!
  8. The query that seems to be running slowly most often on our server is SELECT pid FROM `forums_posts` WHERE topic_id=263152 ORDER BY post_date ASC LIMIT 0,1; I just ran this manually and it took 79 seconds! There is an index on topic_id+queued+post_date+author_id but I don't think it's being used for this because if I run the same query without the ORDER BY, it takes 0.0seconds. Some of these threads are long - this one has 36000 replies. Does anyone think creating a new index on topic_id+post_date is worth doing? Does MySQL's optimiser work best like that? 10 million posts so I expect it will have an impact on performance when I kick off creation of that so I'm not rushing into it!
  9. Hi @Omri Amos I can't find that table hw_convert_link_posts and I searched the schema for any column called ipb_id and came up blank. What am I doing wrong?
  10. That would have been handy for us, Ryan Of about 10 million post rows, the manual job has rebuilt 55% in 14 days. Something that allows you to take the site offline and bring to bear the full resources of the server would have been useful, too.
  11. This, basically. Where you now paste a link to a gif and see it rendered as a gif, the same should occur for webm files.
  12. It's in the admin CP when you edit a Forum