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    Excellent plugin and Adriano is excellent for answering questions!
  1. Please someone answer my posts ... paaaaleaaase!

  2. Our problem is with the upgrade, it now doubles our membership. This is very misleading to a high traffic site when people ask what your membership is and it shows a false positive number. Is there a way to ensure that these members are grouped and not tallied in the totals on the site or on member lists etc? I'm quite tired of users xxxatmeeeeeplease makes our site look very in-credible.
  3. We have not used points before. Is there a way to bulk add points to start using, IE: 1 point for each post?
  4. I've been trying to access all day, and I can only get in sporatically. :-(
  5. The email to a test birthday was not received and the post was not put into the selected post portion. Any ideas on what is wrong??
  6. I have tested this and cannot seem to get it working on 3.3x Is there a setting I am missing. It is enabled hook. Is there a place where I need to do something else? Also, can I customize the message that get's sent out?
  7. I have several rss feeds that I'd like to have automatically put in the calendar. Is this possible?
  8. What about RSS feeds?
  9. Thanks Svit, Its working now. Your a star!!
  10. Can someone please paste their Latest Classified Ads hook here so I can copy and paste it into mine, Maybe that will work since it looks like Andy doesn't get to this thread often. Thanks in advance
  11. I am having an issue with the sidebar on the main page. Under Number of Ads to Show I put in 0 and it shows 10 and the text is all messed up. Please see image. This is after upgrading to the new version. Oh Ya, I tried this as well. "Please try re-saving the hook settings from ACP > System Settings > Classifieds > Hook: Latest Ads"
  12. Is there a way to date stamp a classified when it's added?
  13. Hi Nena, I figured it out thanks, I didn't use the ID, now it works great. Thanks RG
  14. Hi Nena, We uploaded to 3.2 board and followed your settings in screenshot. Then changed the setting to 99% to test. No go. Are we missing something? Cheers, RG