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  1. Yeah, just thought about this earlier myself. This is going to be a real problem. >_>
  2. I agree with the way @Lindy describes it for the upcoming changes. Displaying half stars for average ratings is good, but it's absolutely unnecessary (and clutter-ish) to be able to select half-stars.
  3. Not true. You could have the submenu bar overlap the area underneath the menu. Instead of taking up any space at all.
  4. IPS4 has a lot of small aesthetic issues, and this is definitely one of them. And also the unfiltered white-space at the end of posts.
  5. Why would it be so terrible to store deleted content for a limited time with the option of recovery, IPS? It certainly wouldn't hurt, but it could prevent a lot of mistakes. Hide vs soft delete can actually be used for different things. You'd soft delete something which at the time of said action you'd want gone, but with the option of regretting in the near future. You could hide content that you don't necessarily want to disappear permanently, but just be invisible for a period of time. The key difference here is whether you want it to permanently disappear automatically after a while.
  6. I don't like this sort of software behaviour, even if it's about security updates. Don't shove things in our face if we don't want it. It's our responsibility to upgrade, not yours. Making it come back every so and so often would be okay I suppose, such as once every week.
  7. In 4.1 you actually don't need to make a theme for the CKEditor anymore since it's loaded with a DIV instead of an iFRAME. Thus, you can affect the styling of the editor through your theme's custom.css. I noticed this when I styled the quote boxes and spoiler boxes for the posts and saw that it applied to them in the editor as well.
  8. Again, if there's something you feel isn't displaying correctly in the editor, then that should be fixed. Introducing an additional preview feature is just ignoring the real problem.
  9. By including an additional preview feature you'd be undermining the WYSIWYG functionality of the editor. If there's something you think is not showing correctly in the editor, you should not ask for some redudant preview feature, but instead want the actual problem / devitation to be corrected. As for the psychological effect argued over earlier, that'd be a human error and not a problem with the software. Change is scary, yeah, but you'll get used to it eventually.
  10. No, such an unnecessary thing.
  11. So.... use the IDs then. .ipsNavBar_primary > ul > li#elNavSecondary_1 { /*styling here*/ } It wouldn't make sense to add classes for each app in the menu, but you can do that on your own by modifying the template.
  12. Oh, there are ways... .ipsNavBar_primary > ul > li { /*styling here*/ }
  13. Yup... members should be encourage to make new topics/posts. It's not doing that right now with the button at the bottom of the page.
  14. Happening to me as well. Chrome 45. Only happens in condensed mode though, not the expanded mode.
  15. This is weird. It's fairly easy to stop this with Javascript, with something like e.preventDefault(); Perhaps make it an option for each menu item?