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  1. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    You're totally right, not going to argue that point, it's your right to do as you please with your site. My point however is: The page viewer doesn't owe you anything either. And like @Makoto , in normal circumstances I to would rather exit the website than turn off my ad-blocker. My second point was: you run a community, a community requires participants to spend their time on your community posting content, such content boosts your website (participants benefit, your website rankings etc). You could say, both you and the participants benefit from each-other, it's certainly not a one way street.
  2. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    It would be wrong to assume every person visiting is benefiting from your content or services and in-turn owes you something just for gazing their eyes over a page before they've decided that anything you have to offer is even relevant to what they are looking for. You can't compare paying to ride a subway with a page view, I don't know how you even thought that was a comparison. Regardless of your opinion on that matter of adblocking, it takes minimal effort to render your anti-adblock useless, just 1 line really.$.blockUI) Rather than rejecting a visitor the moment they hit your site and asking them to jump a hoop (there is multiple legitimate reasons why they could be blocking ads) you should be trying to give them reasons to stay longer than 3 seconds.
  3. Group Legend

    Does what it says on the tin.
  4. shoutbox for 4.0

    ​Please send them through to me also
  5. "Stream-feed-river-flow-sprinkle-flood-summary of all the stuff you've missed while you were visiting the #fridge #realworld". Is good? My Alternative is: "Lucky Dip"
  6. ​Most SEO related topics just end in spitting matches between "experts" who read a couple of SEO tutorials on tutsplus.
  7. Where is the members list ?

    ​ As Charles had mentioned.
  8. RC4 today?

    As long as it's not while I'm sleeping...
  9. Support for 4.0 mods

    If there is no method of support listed and you can't contact the creator directly, I'm afraid it's an unsupported mod. You could ask another developer for help.
  10. Is IPS4 really any good?

    IPS4 is young and free. IPB3 was an old hag. IPB3.0 on release was also really buggy, people seem to have forgotten all the problems that were had then. IPS4 was built from scratch, it will no doubt go through the same phase.
  11. Who's Online cut off time

    Maybe I'm being completely blind, I can't find the setting in the group settings? ​Ah yes, good point. Probably a good idea for an article as no doubt this question will come up several times.
  12. Forum post numbering?

    ​Your second paragraph is as amusing to read as is your assumptions of my age and knowledge of internet history. My first reply was pretty blunt, but that's because I think it really is silly to state "go to post 5" in a post and always assume that post 5 (at that moment in time) is going to be what you think it is forever after. Post numbers are in no way linked to post id's, post numbers are dynamic. If a post goes missing (moderation, corruption... whatever) or if someone requests their account and all their posts be deleted, all your the post numbers which you have written in your topics will be invalid on that topic. But perhaps you have a very special case where nothing ever changes, if this is the case your forum is different to the general majority of forums in which 10's or 100's of posts are moderated everyday. Post numbering is simply not reliable. If it was intentional, and you don't want to deal with changing numbers in your posts. get a plugin or switch software, what choice do you have other than using the old software? As I said, sitting in the past. You shouldn't need to spend a cent on a third-party mod to do this if it doesn't get added back. A theme hook adding post numbers is probably one of the simplest mods you can make for this software. If no-one else makes one, I'll probably do it myself. Regarding the display of embedded topic links, that's an issue that can be discussed separately to this. I thought I made it fairly clear by the last sentence, but I looks like I wasn't clear enough. The "compelling case" I was asking you to provide was not for me, I was asking you (since it's so "frightening" as you put it) to provide a quality argument to go into this topic, something that may make IPS reconsider things because this topic did not have one. This wasn't just said by me. Vikestart above also mentioned the lack of a good argument here. So far the only reasoning for keeping it that I'm seeing is built upon habit from past days. I think BBCode is a good example of something we'll be saying goodbye to come IPS5, there will probably be many complaints on this, a lot more than post numbers being removed. While I don't believe there is a good reason to keep them anymore, If IPS adds the little numbers back, I won't mind, they don't annoy me. It could very well be an oversight, there are other issues that exist which I think could be oversights (e.g just tonight I noticed the Who's Online widget does not have configuration for a timeout.)
  13. Who's Online cut off time

    ​Yes that should be safe, it doesn't modify the database if thats what you mean. Regarding group visibility, at the end of that file you'll see /* Display */ Return, replace that with: /* Display */ $visibleToGroups = array(2,4); // 2 = Guest, 4 = Default Admin group return (in_array(\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_group_id,$visibleToGroups) ? $this->output( $members, $memberCount, $guests, $anonymous ) : '');Add more group id's to that $visibleToGroups array. EDIT: You could do the opposite way if it's more suitable so you don't have to edit for new groups. /* Display */ $hideForGroups = array(2); // 2 = Guest return (in_array(\IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_group_id,$hideForGroups) ? '' : $this->output( $members, $memberCount, $guests, $anonymous ));
  14. Who's Online cut off time

    ​Um no thats the SQL result limit and you're actually cutting the amount of results in the query. You probably shouldn't touch that. Pretty sure you should be modifying the widget not the online module. File: core\widget\whosOnline.php Make sure you edit times for both member and guest. Hopefully IPS will give this widget an option panel for this, probably just an oversight.
  15. Forum post numbering?

    ​Not use silly methods like dynamic post numbers to identify posts. Alternatively you can sit in the past forever. Both work. You talk as if they've ignored everyone and did their own thing for IPS4. They haven't, in fact the entire rebuild was a result of feedback from the 3x series. They aren't trying to reinvent the wheel, not even in the slightest. They're fixing a very old wheel and bringing it to the standards of today, not 10 years ago. Did you not voice your concerns last year when the development site was available to all users to see and give feedback on?, if you did, did you provide a compelling argument as to why they must exist? IPS interact with "experienced" users every day, and "experienced" uses give them feedback all the time. It does not mean "experienced" users can't be wrong, it does not mean "experienced" users must always been listened to because there is no way they might be holding onto the past and could be afraid of change and everything "experienced" users say is obviously more logical, reasonable and compelling. Please provide a compelling case as to why they must stay and why the alternatives aren't a good enough replacement other than "I built my forum around a pole and now the pole is moving but I think the pole should stay just because I like where it used to be". Thats the only way you might get IPS to change their mind on the feature in the next main release (because the feature addition stage for the 4.0 release has past).