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  1. Pm me ACP access to your site and I can take a look in the morning. Confirmed working on just now on my dev install.
  2. I really hope pages db fields other than title and content are included as well in the overhaul...
  3. FWIW, I walk through most of it here:
  4. KS 7 released: By all that is holy, no mas editar primeros puestos bichos. Super awesome robust now. Also $this. Thanks @Bill Edwards
  5. KS 6 released: Fixes broken report links when viewing reports (Mod CP or directly linked)
  6. Sorry, won't happen. At least not with KS. Part of the philosophy behind IPS 4x is that everything generated by a member is considered "content". In the core.members database, there is a column for member_posts. Although it sounds like it is just for forum posts it is not. It is for all content be it forum posts, topic started, download submitted, gallery images submitted, etc. That's what is being called and displayed when you see a user's content count. Can you break out a user's forum posts count separately? Of course. But, you have to actually do database work and probably a bunch of separate hooks to get and store just that information. It's not that hard - if all you wanted was forum topics started and forum posts made you would just hook onto the submit bit and then count and store from there. More messy when you try to keep accurate stats as you have to hook onto the delete bits as well. I suppose you could find where the content count is being calculated and hook there, targeting whether the call is coming from forums or not and writing/deleting based on that. Might make this a lot more manageable. If you want some more term confusion.... Where it says 1,075 posts? That's actually content count, not just forum posts. On this site that will include my files in the marketplace, all my topics started and forum posts, probably all my bug reports and responses there as well. Posts = Content and vice versa. So yeah, if you want that stat back on its own it will be some work to accomplish.
  7. Ohhh... I think I get it now. I'll add it the list of things to look at and see if it is anything I can handle easily.
  8. One with more template and location options? Not for awhile. I've got other things to finish first.
  9. @maidos I don't think I follow exactly. Example? Where in the suite?
  10. KS 5 released: More robuster (fixed) Can Edit First Posts code. Report Post link in posts now a toggle to place in Options menu. Probably works. Yell at me if it doesn't.
  11. Meh, long day. Anyways, the edit first posts code is still a bit wonky. Thanks to @Bill Edwards for pointing out a few flaws. I *think* I have them straightened out now, however, I never for a moment took into account the jQuery mod utility for when you are in forum view looking at a table of topics. You can click and hold on a title to live edit the title. With KS active (at all no matter first posts settings) this function breaks. At least as far as I can tell. This is a function of me trashing the initial edit first posts code and going a more brute force direction. No matter, I haven't looked to see what I am breaking with that so it has to wait a bit to get fixed (crosses fingers he can...) KS 5 out either later tonight or in the morning to fix these things. Also includes a full toggle option to move or not move the reports link in a post to the options menu (right now it just moves it). Won't get a chance to address conflicts with other plugins that link into the posts menu area just yet. Soon. EDIT: It's ready to go. The click/hold thing is vexing. It's working in-dev, but not live. Either way, gonna sleep on this and then post it up in the morning. Figure after 10am Eastern USA. Sleep... EDIT: After you install the new version (when released), if you get an error page when viewing a forum (topics list) just refresh to clear your cache of the old plugin code. Also, confirmed, if you have something that links into the quote, edit, options menu area of a post, make sure you drag that plugin (like change author) BELOW Kitchen Sink in the plugin list. I grab a lot of that area down there so anything that links into that needs to come afterwards in the plugin list to hook in correctly. EDIT PART 2: Actually, click/hold does work... if you remember to.. you know... use an admin account. Too tired to trust myself lol.
  12. 1) Are you meaning to respond to a different plugin? I might have taken over display name changes from Adriano but that functionality isn't a part of KS. 2) Not a bad idea, not sure if that's a plugin for someone else to write or stick it in KS... For everyone: Still some minor problems with the edit first posts stuff. Oh, it works; works well. It's just that the theme hook on those menu elements probably needs to be tighter. If you have the plugin enabled, but nothing configured, it seems that mods trying to edit a first post just get the post content to edit, not the title or tags. Also if you have any other hooks that try to insert stuff into that line it may not work as right now I sort of take it all over. As for the bug, I'm pretty sure I know why so that's on the fixing agenda for today. Also, the ajax live editing of topic titles when in forum view (click and hold to edit). Seems to be broken with this enabled. I'm hoping it's the thing I think is wrong, if not, its probably a mess to fix involving the ajax controller itself. It might not be worth my time to fix it, but I have to look and see first.
  13. Your theme has changed around some of the template elements. Set me up with ACP access so I can take a better look but I think (think..) it's an easy tweak.
  14. KS 4 released: More robust (fixed) Can Edit First Posts code. Security update download icons now have a color option.
  15. KS4 is a few minutes out for release. If you like PM me ACP access and I can install directly.