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  1. When I update I'll use the above screen shots in the Marketplace.
  2. Next KS release I'll push out the better Follow button style. If fits in better with the standard IPS buttons.
  3. Can't have any discussion of this nature without Simple Points or Carwhile's Points Economy
  4. Let me poke Tom and see if I can get ahead of the game like I did with Ehren.
  5. This is on the profile page right? Click the little button on the corner of the avatar? That's what this targets. If you have more than one theme you need to add this to the custom.css file of every theme. It's working here on my defualt test install right now.
  6. Add this to your custom.css [aria-label="Profile Photo"] #elRadio_pp_photo_type_ li:nth-child(2) { display:none; }
  7. Where does it say you? You pasted in an error. I listed the three conditions where I have seen it thrown. That's it.
  8. You weren't accused of piracy. You refuse me access to help diagnose the problem. It's working for everyone else.
  9. Without having any of this themes myself but looking over the demo's I'd say better than 70% would work. The follow button he's blown apart for all of his themes so that's probably not gonna work (he's doing a circle thing next to the topic title) He's also split apart the breadcrumb elements. I think the KS breadcrumb stuff itself would work but moving the mark site read and activity links on the right side might not as they are somewhere else now. And, I think a good chunk of the userbar stuff in KS should work even though that's been changed a bit. If his theme has toggles to restore to defualt this stuff then it should nearly all work. If you have one installed now give me ACP access pls and I can test.
  10. You are way way too nervous. The things I've seen and had access to already... No matter, the only times I've seen that error thrown when KS was enabled but the themes worked fine when it was disabled are when: 1) The theme is a poorly pirated dupe. 2) The theme is way way out of date. 3) If default theme, it's been changed either too much or sometimes very little but in a bad place. It's crashing trying to load up the global template.
  11. Can't do a thing unless you give me ACP. I'd need specific access to applications, plugins, and the entire Support area (which is usually just the one menu bit). Or, as a start, you can pm me a screen cap of your system.log (in the support area, lower right corner)
  12. KS 10 released: NEW! Option for a more compact star rating display and yes, you can still change the rating on the fly (if allowed) and the text will update. NEW! Move the follow button to where the other buttons are in topic and forum views. Support for other IPS apps too! NEW! Format the follow button to match the size and style of the standard IPS buttons! NEW! Customize the error page with your choice of Font Awesome icon or swap it out for an image (animated if you like.) Many formatting options for the text displayed too. NEW! On topic view, add a time since last reply blurb that uses conversational language. Support for a number of non-English langauges available (ask in support topic). Star rating and follow can be found under the Global tab. Error page gets its very own tab. Last reply blurb is under the Forums and Topics tab. To the guy looking for topics with hidden responses, sorry, it didn't make the cut for this release. Also, for KS I'll just allow you to flag a forum where *ALL* the topics will have hidden responses. To have this feature available on a topic-to-topic basis I have to hit the database and I don't think I want to do that with this mod which at the moment has zero database involvement so I'll try to release a separate mod with that feature later on. Note on the follow button moving. For downloads and gallery, category views (or whatever they are called per app), the row of buttons where you would like to move the follow button to does not get built out unless the user has the ability to add a file or image. The rub is that the entire IPS template is constructed so that I can't get a hook into it to move the follow button. So for those apps you'll have to live with it until IPS fixes the templates (already asked) or I get really really bored for something to do and write a ridiculous chunk of jQuery to maybe possibly do it that way. FYI I think I have another leaner new follow button style inbound as well but the one provided should be fine for now. Oh, and if you elect to move the follow button but not change the style be aware that since the defualt follow button is not as tall as the regular IPS buttons it's gonna look a little strange alongside those other buttons. You may want to throw some css in your custom file to fix that however you feel like fixing it... And lastly, KS is getting so big I wonder if I'm under-pricing it. Max I'd bump it to is $15 and the renews are never going up (period). If I do bump it I'll give myself some wiggle room for future holiday sales and what not. Fair warning to those window shopping (not that a whole $5 is gonna make that much difference...). I might, I might not, eh... This is it short term for KS as far as new features go (pending that hidden response thing above probably) as I have to start finishing up the other five-or-so mods that are sitting here at 85% done. Here - have some screenshots of the new stuff: PS: Yes, the conversational style time formatting could be applied elsewhere in the suite and it is on the KS to-do list but the underlying jQuery has to get a pull request approved first to allow for turning on/off the initial prefix/suffix words otherwise it would say "last reply" everywhere which really looks silly when you see that spammed down the length of a column. PPS: I think I have a cleaner, more ambient, follow button format inbound as well if you don't like the new full box style. Here: I like that better. I'll either swap it out for what is there now or make this another option.
  13. PM me acp access
  14. I should really just delete that other version already...
  15. @Tom Irons this was a minor conflict with Kitchen Sink. I knew what it was the moment I saw the screenshot. KS grabs all that stuff to let users move it around so if KS isn't at the top of the plugin list it will over-write any modifications to that area that happened before the plugin loader gets to KS. Your plugin was just above it in the list. Already tackled this with @Tripp_UK and he's good to go.