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  1. Well, there's nothng to "fix" per se... If your server has open_basedir set in php.ini it needs to allow /proc to be read otherwise I can't get at the memory and cpu info files. Now if there is a bug, it's that I might be caught out in recent IPS changes in how they make apps handle versioning. And that will be taken care of when I bite the bullet, update my dev install, and set a new version number on the file.
  2. Perfect. Looking now (or when I get the pm that is...)
  3. I'll need ACP access for this. PM me pls. (Although there is a tiny bug in the new version. Doubt it is causing your problems though...)
  4. I have not though the underlying code seems solid. I'll be updating this site to HTTPS across the board and turning this S3 stuff on so I'll let you know.
  5. Just updated the download for Spacious Widgets. Just grab the tar file from the Marketplace and then choose upload a new version from the app controls for SW in the Applications area of your ACP. Only two things. Those of you with open_basedir problems still need to allow /proc for pulling cpuinfo and meminfo information but this update fixes any problems with open_basedir and reading how much diskspace you have remaining. The other thing is I added some better text to the full details link. All that does is displays the entire contents of cpuinfo and meminfo. Now if you have the open_basedir problem I mention what you need to do rather than just say undetected. Again, this is in the full details link; the widget itself will still say undetected in those areas. I still (one day) have to go through this and add language vars instead of leaving a lot of this stuff hardcoded...
  6. So can you test again? It's working here. What sites were you trying to add? I should have probably mentioned this but if your site (or a site you are trying to track against) has no SW stats due to low traffic volume then nothing will be displayed. In this example, you can see the top SW embed shows the IPS site has super-low traffic so it isn't being tracked. In the second SW embed beneath, since this IPS site doesn't have any stats, it isn't being displayed at all. The other two sites I added are being displayed however. Also, the sites you choose, if one of them has traffic magitudes above the others, the graph will look like it has a single line up top (for the big site) and the other one or two will be buried at the bottom. Here, let me swap out slashdot.org for google.com... Arstechnica has 30-ish million views a month. Drop in the bucket compared to Google's 15+billion...
  7. @Foolboy Yes, just add /proc and that will fix the meminfo and cpuinfo pulls. Update later this afternoon will fix diskspace display. Just starting the SImilarWeb fix now.
  8. Hitting the sack now. The update will fix some of the system overview problems. Might need to fix the open_basedir stuff on your server. If you could pm me acp access I'll get on this in the morning.
  9. Finally got someone with "shared" hosting to test this against. I say "shared" as if you are using a control panel of some sort to set up everything on your server many times the way you configure websites ends up being as if you are running a shared hosting situation. Same difference. So, update to widgets is forthcoming (next 24 hours) that tightens up a few things. System Overview Widget: 1) open_basedir. A giant pain in the ... Those of you that are on true shared hosting will probably run into this problem. If you see undetected for some of the variables in this widget you probably have this problem. If this is enabled on your server (shared or otherwise) I will not be able to read in meminfo or cpuinfo at all. Centos/Red Hat/Ubuntu these "files" exist in /proc. You will need to add /proc in the open_basedir bit in... php.ini, httpd.conf, or other places depending upon how your server is set up. Those of you using VestaCP will need to edit the configuration templates, then rebuild the website in the control panel, and restart Apache, etc. Everyone will need to restart Apache/etc... when you change these settings. 2) Same problem with pulling diskfreespace as that makes an open_basedir check. Since this is just a check of free space available I changed the directory it hits to make the check from / to your IPS default directory. Gets the same result; bypasses the problem completely.
  10. You can just go ahead and use it if you are feeling it. I'm about to hook up one of my forums with this. If it uploads, reads, deletes, and handles changing storage methods I'm not sure what else there is that can break things... Where it says Amazon S3, just replace that word (in your mind) with Amazon S3 / S3 Compatible
  11. Got a few minutes this afternoon to test this some more. Changing storage methods after the fact (switching Gallery images from the Delimiter/Amazon S3 back to file system) worked flawlessly. I'm pretty sure this is production ready for alt-S3 providers. Which is nice because 3 years worth of 2TB S3 storage for $99 is something I would very much like to use..
  12. @Lindy you may wish to put this on the front burner - glad to report this is working pretty much out of the box. Spent a few minutes on the tablet looking over the Amazon and parent File method before going to sleep last night and noticed you added in the endpoint stuff recently. After some poking this morning it's working with pretty much no work on my end. All that is needed to add a new file storage option is to add another file in the System/File directory. I just duped Amazon.php and renamed it Delimiter internally. Stuck with just language variables instead of words but that's expected. The thing is, you guys are just parsing out those files into the ACP, reading in the file configuration options as they are set in each file - which in this case is fantastic as you are then saving the file storage configurations as arrays in the already existing database table. That means not having to mess with creating settings or anything like that. Props to whoever made that happen. For Delimiter obj.space S3 storage; that's it. Tested. Bucket writes working. Bucket reads working. Bucket deletes working. I've got an S3 bucket manager/viewer running alongside while testing so I could watch the writes/deletes. All good. And of course, I don't have to dupe the method in System/Files at all - I can just add this in the Amazon storage method and roll with it. All that is really needed on your end is to dupe the Amazon file storage method and rename the lang vars to be neutral, or just turn the Amazon S3 method into neutral wording. Not sure if there is anything else under the hood that needs work but if writes and deletes are good to go I can't see too much trouble...
  13. Plenty of alternative S3 compatible providers are available now at a price point far better than Amazon. I took a gander this evening to see how far I could go to writing my own file storage method but ran into the expected walls such as having to add the file manually to the System/File directory (Apps and Plugins won't let me hit that stuff natively) so naturally anything I move forward on is going to be messy. I was hoping the included Amazon S3 method was more generic than it actually is but as you know it has more than a few hardcoded Amazon urls and so on. Clearly it's doable and frankly, a generic S3 compatible method is going to be far less trouble than all the hoops you jump through for Amazon S3 specifically. I still might just push forward on this but it is clearly something that is far better suited as an official IPS thing. This would be a big win for IPS users... PS: As an example, Delimiter is offering 100GB storage, 400GB outbound traffic, incoming free, no crappy put/get fees for $33/year on thier drop-in S3 compatible ObjSpace storage system. That's standard pricing which easily beats Amazon (and I'm not even going to mention thier clearly insane Amazon Photo Refugees deal...). Naturally doesn't fly with the hard coded url stuff you got floating around in the storage method.
  14. Forum Statistics (Wide) Somewhat surprised we never got even a basic Forums widget out of the gate so here we go... First up is the distinction between content, topics, posts, and responses. IPS works off of a content model/philosophy. Everything is "content" and is actually recorded as such in the members database. You have a content count and that is topics you've made, images you've posts, posts made in topics, etc. All the same pile. This matters here as I strongly believe there is a distinction to be made between topics created and posts made within those topics. So, here I have a responses statistic. Responses are all the posts that are NOT the first or topic creation posts. Your forum may have but a few people starting converstations but many responding. Maybe you take action to get people to start more converstations? Perhaps you have many topics started but few responses? Well then, get working on that problem! Topics: Total count. Topics made over the last 28 days, last 7 days, last 24 hours. Responses: Same as above but just responses. The example above comes from a small forum used as a knowledge repository and there will always be far more topics than responses so treat the above as just a pretty picture. You've noticed the bar graphs on the right sides of course. These are the last 8 weeks of your topics and responses. Hover over each bar to get the amount created each week. I then do some derpy math to get the high mark, flag it at 100%, and graph out the others in relation. Enjoy your 8-week trend lines (read them left to right, 8 weeks out to 1 week out). Again, RTL languages I have no CSS for. Buyer beware; or hit me up with access to a site so I can work on it. Yes, looking much further back would be more valuable but treat this as near-term information to catch trends as they happen; not the long term history of your forums. That will require far more work than I'm willing to invest in a single widget. Also, don't yell at me for my great and grand bar graphing abilities. I LOVE D3 and svg drawn graphs and dashboards and all that but I'm not gonna start pulling javascrpt libraries and doing that sort of work for just a widget or two. Besdies, I have divs, and background colors, and css transform? What else do I need One tiny quirk here with this method. Any weekly value that actually would be zero I have to display as 1px high otherwise the bar won't display. Told you this was derpy! What else we got? The usual counts. Forums with most topics. Forum with most posts. These are all linked by the way (opens in a new tab). Top three topic starters and top three responders. I think I'll add in a... hmmm... 2 week?...4 week?... lookback for these so you can see who's performing now rather than all-time. I'll still leave these here of course or hide them with a popup modal under a more details button. Lastly there is a highest repped post link. The link text is for the topic but the link goes to the post itself. That was by request though you can now find a better front end widget in the Marketplace I believe.
  15. Member Statistics (Wide) First of the wide only widgets. The reason is the stat bar. I still need to add some css to account for phone view but that at least is doable. Side view is going to require some reworking to make it fit and I'm not sure if it is worth it honestly. Maybe I can do it all with the plain responsive css. We'll see... Anyways... yes, Members! Member count plus the last 28 days (four week), last 7 days, and last 24 hours active counts. That's unique counts of course. This way you can track how many members are actually actively participating in your forums (or at least visiting a bit). The inactive count are the number of unique members who have not visited your site in the last 6 months. Could be a variety of reasons but more or less if gives you an idea of how much dead member weight you are carrying. It's one thing to brag about a forum with 10,000 members but not so much when only maybe 200 are active... Again, it numbers for you to think about. Members online are the members publicaly or anonymously on your site right now. Guests are, well, guests online - might/probably counts search bots too. New member count is a simple count of new registered members over the last 7 days. I do have some more to add on here but if you are expecting a wide ranging statistical package, don't. If you want a nice member count by week I hear you but again, not gonna happen with these widgets as those numbers aren't being tracked anywhere and will require some backend work well beyond the scope of these widgets.