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  1. @615x PM me ACP access and I'll fix it for you. It does work but you might be putting it in the wrong place or ???. Two second fix.
  2. Using Haze as a test bed, and Tom tells me that all his themes are riff's on the same core theme so this should apply to all of them, here's what doesn't "worK" with KS: Unread Content and Mark Site Read links. In the default IPS theme they are in the breadcrumb. In these themes they've been moved. So the the toggle to turn them off won't work. You can add them to the user menu though (need to add a small css call to better format them there) and you can also just add css to display: none the links on the page itself if you do move them to the user menu. Might be "fixable" with some changes to KS. I'll look later. As exepcted, the follow button changes are a no go. They've been changed into a circle thing and moved. You can move the follow button to the comment control line where the other buttons live but all that does is add the follow template there, and since that is now a circle thing that is what appears there, and of course, KS can't remove the circle thing that already is there next to the title as it is no longer where it is exepcted to be to remove it. Create menu. All good except you need to add a line of css to change the icon size if you swap out the create menu line for an icon. That's it. The rest appears to be good to go. Here, userbar, no create menu at all (the pencil is for theme options), seps removed, user menu link just the user avatar. Might need a line of css to adjust the spacing on the right in this particular scenario. That's it though.
  3. @Tom Christian tossed Haze at me so I'll put it through a run through in a bit (just sparking up for the day myself now).
  4. You mean when rules are set as a link? If so, agree, that looks a little weak. I'll see what I can do though keep in mind I do have a full downloads/commerce/gallery KS thing cooking (allegedly...)
  5. When I update I'll use the above screen shots in the Marketplace.
  6. Next KS release I'll push out the better Follow button style. If fits in better with the standard IPS buttons.
  7. Can't have any discussion of this nature without Simple Points or Carwhile's Points Economy
  8. Let me poke Tom and see if I can get ahead of the game like I did with Ehren.
  9. This is on the profile page right? Click the little button on the corner of the avatar? That's what this targets. If you have more than one theme you need to add this to the custom.css file of every theme. It's working here on my defualt test install right now.
  10. Add this to your custom.css [aria-label="Profile Photo"] #elRadio_pp_photo_type_ li:nth-child(2) { display:none; }
  11. Where does it say you? You pasted in an error. I listed the three conditions where I have seen it thrown. That's it.
  12. You weren't accused of piracy. You refuse me access to help diagnose the problem. It's working for everyone else.
  13. Without having any of this themes myself but looking over the demo's I'd say better than 70% would work. The follow button he's blown apart for all of his themes so that's probably not gonna work (he's doing a circle thing next to the topic title) He's also split apart the breadcrumb elements. I think the KS breadcrumb stuff itself would work but moving the mark site read and activity links on the right side might not as they are somewhere else now. And, I think a good chunk of the userbar stuff in KS should work even though that's been changed a bit. If his theme has toggles to restore to defualt this stuff then it should nearly all work. If you have one installed now give me ACP access pls and I can test.
  14. You are way way too nervous. The things I've seen and had access to already... No matter, the only times I've seen that error thrown when KS was enabled but the themes worked fine when it was disabled are when: 1) The theme is a poorly pirated dupe. 2) The theme is way way out of date. 3) If default theme, it's been changed either too much or sometimes very little but in a bad place. It's crashing trying to load up the global template.
  15. Can't do a thing unless you give me ACP. I'd need specific access to applications, plugins, and the entire Support area (which is usually just the one menu bit). Or, as a start, you can pm me a screen cap of your system.log (in the support area, lower right corner)