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  1. Site?
  2. No reason for it not to. @JiigSaaw I'll take another pass at the symlink stuff - I thought I ignored them but apparently not? The dev build I currently have is in an in-between state with a half finished db module and moving all my "can I make a rough task system with just the settings" thing over to the task system formally. That, and paid work... and the next thing in the Kitchen Sink series...
  3. Did you drag the members or whatever block into the bottom widgets area?
  4. It should be working now. It was bugged in the 4.1.18 BETA 3, but Mark fixed the bug this morning prior to the official final release of 4.18 If you had the beta installed upgrade to the final release now. And even though all the caches and datastore stuff should be reset might not be a bad idea to hit the support tool to clear everything again.
  5. @Mark fixed the template bug this morning prior to the official release of 4.1.18 so everything should be good to go. Let me know if there are any bugs that crop up or missing features, especially in the top section of topics as a lot has changed there recently.
  6. FYI all there is a bug with the upcoming 4.1.18 release and Kitchen Sink when viewing a topic. Tracking it down now. EDIT: The error given is just a generic template parse error saying there is an extra } somewhere. It's seems to be on topic view and I'm betting its all the new editable prefix/tags/topic title stuff as those areas in the templates have changed a ton with the new code. So, basically don't update to the 4.1.18 release when it comes out unless I have this patched up. EDIT #2: Appears to be an IPS hook incompatibility on that template with 18.3 beta
  7. Slack if you like.
  8. Can you show me what it is exactly? Not sure I follow...
  9. I can take a look. Also, maybe poke this guy to expand this a bit:
  10. I know Plugin Version on Plugins Page is unsupported. I currently have version 1.0.1 and I am getting the following message while manually running the update checks via Tasks:


    The task ran successfully and produced the following output:
    Plugin Version on Plugins Page: Response is missing a required field

    Any thoughts on this? Thank you for your help and the plugin as well! :)

  11. Thanks for the update and continued maintenance on Group Color on User Link!  

  12. @Sergey_SV Is KS the first plugin in the list of plugins in the acp? It pretty much has to be right now otherwise it will over-write any other plugins that modify that area. For the other bit I'd have to add that in, or, let me look and see if that already exists in IPS and I can use that then. EDIT: Of course there is an IPS language bit for that already. I'll make that change.
  13. Did what?
  14. I've taken another pass at some of the IPS Focus theme stuff. Ehren has changed enough of the userBar to make the KS option to display just the member name or just display the avatar pretty much broken. I passed on some alterations to him a few months back that would make it compatible (and keep the IPS Focus look) but those haven't been adopted. And... I'm not gonna work around this stuff. So, just leave that KS setting on default if you use IPS Focus stuff. Remember, I can only target the default theme. I will, since it was fairly easy to do, option into KS an IPS Focus exception for this breadcrumb junk though.
  15. html[dir="ltr"] .ipsList_inline.ipsPos_right > li:last-child { margin-right: 15px; } [itemtype="http://schema.org/BreadcrumbList"] li:last-child{ padding-left:10px; } ul.ipsfocus_breadcrumb li:last-child { padding-left:10px; } Assuming his breadcrumbs are the same across most of his themes (and I think they are) the above three bits should do it for top and bottom. Remove any other things like them in your custom.css. Tested with the breadcrumb options in KS, all good except the remove trailing separator doesnt do anything as Ehren has removed all the separators in his theme/s, replacing them with the angled border stuff. I can actually add this code into KS as an option for those with ipsfocus themes.