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  1. Been sitting on some junk for awhile (other work had me elsewhere). While I've got a few I'll be working on an update to KS tonight. I think I'll get the better styled follow buttons in place. This also has the long time done but never released fix for the usermenu conflicts some have been having. Also, better handling of dual stats on forum views. Basically once you get into the five digit range for both stats or higher, formatting breaks. This will "fix" it but I'll probably have to add in few settings for you to adjust the width of that area manually for edges cases. That or just tell you the css to add. For those of you not following my work closely I've recently updated Spacious ACP. Much improved and it includes Spacious Widgets. You might want you some of that...
  2. PM me acp acess and I'll take a look
  3. Sounds like you got it figured out. spacious_acp.xml = theme spaciouswidgets.tar = app
  4. That image you posted is coming through Cloudfront, not Amazon S3.
  5. https://www.exoscale.ch/pricing/#/storage Those guys are in your backyard and it is apparently S3 compatible; so it might be just as easy to use as Delimiter. 100gig storage is $5/month plus traffic costs.
  6. Sure, hang on... https://ipstest.obj.space/twomegtest.jpg
  7. @amator https://ipstest.obj.space/testimage.jpg Knock yourself out. I've found that pingdom tends to indicate slower performance thna what I actually experieince in the browser. I would test with pingdom, and you'll probably see response times of over a 1 second (it is Atlanta, USA to Stockholm after all...), but be sure to just load that link up in your browser and see how it feels.
  8. https://stripe.com/docs/radar This is Stripe's internal fraud prevention system that is now part of the API and so on. It's baked in, you just need to start accounting for the data.
  9. Well, there's nothng to "fix" per se... If your server has open_basedir set in php.ini it needs to allow /proc to be read otherwise I can't get at the memory and cpu info files. Now if there is a bug, it's that I might be caught out in recent IPS changes in how they make apps handle versioning. And that will be taken care of when I bite the bullet, update my dev install, and set a new version number on the file.
  10. Perfect. Looking now (or when I get the pm that is...)
  11. I'll need ACP access for this. PM me pls. (Although there is a tiny bug in the new version. Doubt it is causing your problems though...)
  12. I have not though the underlying code seems solid. I'll be updating this site to HTTPS across the board and turning this S3 stuff on so I'll let you know.
  13. Just updated the download for Spacious Widgets. Just grab the tar file from the Marketplace and then choose upload a new version from the app controls for SW in the Applications area of your ACP. Only two things. Those of you with open_basedir problems still need to allow /proc for pulling cpuinfo and meminfo information but this update fixes any problems with open_basedir and reading how much diskspace you have remaining. The other thing is I added some better text to the full details link. All that does is displays the entire contents of cpuinfo and meminfo. Now if you have the open_basedir problem I mention what you need to do rather than just say undetected. Again, this is in the full details link; the widget itself will still say undetected in those areas. I still (one day) have to go through this and add language vars instead of leaving a lot of this stuff hardcoded...
  14. So can you test again? It's working here. What sites were you trying to add? I should have probably mentioned this but if your site (or a site you are trying to track against) has no SW stats due to low traffic volume then nothing will be displayed. In this example, you can see the top SW embed shows the IPS site has super-low traffic so it isn't being tracked. In the second SW embed beneath, since this IPS site doesn't have any stats, it isn't being displayed at all. The other two sites I added are being displayed however. Also, the sites you choose, if one of them has traffic magitudes above the others, the graph will look like it has a single line up top (for the big site) and the other one or two will be buried at the bottom. Here, let me swap out slashdot.org for google.com... Arstechnica has 30-ish million views a month. Drop in the bucket compared to Google's 15+billion...
  15. @Foolboy Yes, just add /proc and that will fix the meminfo and cpuinfo pulls. Update later this afternoon will fix diskspace display. Just starting the SImilarWeb fix now.