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  1. Videobox

    I'm still working for the videobox 2.0 that supports clubs, reactions,... but I don't release for IPS 4.2 beta.
  2. Videobox

    As I said, the new update only fixed the hitbox stream. I haven't update it for the 4.2 yet. It will be ready when the 4.2 FINAL is out.
  3. Videobox

    Thank you for your suggestions. But I have no plan for new streaming services.
  4. Videobox

    No, Im not
  5. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    No, it can not. If I have a solution I will update it.
  6. Videobox

    @FGN it supports smashcast now.
  7. Videobox

    I will take a look smartcast.
  8. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    No, I have no plan for this feature.
  9. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    Hi, It does not have this feature.
  10. Videobox

    No, it can not
  11. Videobox

    It's now compatible with ips 4.1.x and will be updated when the 4.2 Final is out.
  12. Musicbox (Support)

    It will be updated when the 4.2 final is ready.
  13. Videobox

    @FGN the demo site shows the layout of the app. Check your pm, I sent you a test site so you can take a look all options in acp.
  14. Topic Thumbnail for IPS4.x

    It will be updated when the 4.2 final is ready.
  15. Videobox

    No, I don't have any plan for Beam.