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  1. I confirm this bug. Try to go ACP > Customization > Themes > click </> to edit your theme > core > global > plugins > bim_tthumb_showGallery Find {$topic->url('changeTopicThumbnail')} Replace by {$row->url('changeTopicThumbnail')} Save
  2. It can not, it only supports IPS offical applications: Forums, Pages, Downloads, Gallery.
  3. @Surpac go to Videobox > Settings > videos to enable permissions for viewing & submitting
  4. Yes, members can post their twitch stream. I sent you the info to to login the demo site.
  5. Please let me know the url. Or give acp access so I can take a look.
  6. Can you create new artist in ACP?
  7. Do you use the newest version? I can can not reproduce this issue.
  8. Don't worry, open support ticket they will generat new invoice for you.
  9. I haven't installed nexus on my demo site yet. This is some screenshots:
  10. yes, it requires Nexus to sell music.
  11. Sent
  12. Which version are you using? This is a known bug and it was fixed in 1.2.4.
  13. It should has <fileStore.core_Emoticons>
  14. I will add an option to ignore the urls like featured content.
  15. Maybe it's the old url without <fileStore.core_Emoticons> so the plugin doesn't know it's an emoticon.