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  1. It's the minimum number of slides to be shown. Slides will be sized down if carousel becomes smaller than the original size.
  2. Yes, just set 'Min slides' = 2 or 3
  3. I missunderstood your above question But currently the images are respnsive.
  4. I haven't found a solution yet
  5. I will send you other version that uses Topic Feed widget (of Forums). I hope you can help me to test this crazy problem
  6. Go to SQL Toolbox and select the table "core_widget_areas". Find the row that has "topicThumbnail" and delete it.
  7. Ok, I will try other version, I think I will remove the widget of topic thumbnails and use a hook to add images to 'Topic Feed' widget. I can not reproduce this issue on my sites.
  8. @InvisionHQ Do you use the newest version? Can you reproduce the issue and give me ACP access?
  9. Please show me the url.
  10. Yes, it can search tags.
  11. The ticker mode is infinite Scrolling through Images. But it has a little stopping issue at the 1st item. I will find a solution.
  12. Hi, If you don't want auto transition, just turn off auto play and don't turn on ticket mode/
  13. Try to upgrade to 4.1.21
  14. Which version of Featured content are you using? I fixed it in the newest.