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  1. Yes, they changed the url. I will update getting dailymotion's thumbnail in the next version.
  2. I see there is a js error Try to disable the plugin that is related to adBlock
  3. Hi, please give me the url so I can see the problem.
  4. Not sure but I will consider.
  5. It has been fixed by removing this custom css .bx-wrapper .bx-viewport { height: 100% !important; }
  6. It's only in the SQL, and unaffected to the current version. You can delete by running this query: DROP TABLE fcontent; DROP TABLE fcontent_slideshow;
  7. Try to go ACP > System > Support > You will see 'SQL Toolbox' in 'System Information' block. There are 2 old tables of V3 version you can drop them: fcontent & fcontent_slideshow
  8. You should uninstall Featured Content in IPB 3.4.9 first, upgrade IPS 4.1.x and then install new Featured Content. Edit: I missunderstood Do you want to pure the old database of V3 version?
  9. Check your pm, I sent you a file to fix.
  10. There is a known issue with the slider. It can not be shown if it has 1 or more broken images. See it img=http:/uploads It should be img=http://
  11. Ok, I will test this problem.
  12. Do you still have the blank page when editting topics?
  13. This bug is also fixed. Which version are you using? How about the editing the post get a "1" error on a blank page?
  14. Please let me know the url.
  15. Try to edit your topic, the problem is fixed. Try to go Topic Thumbnail settings and run rebuild thumbnails.