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  1. Try to go members > administrators to check the restrictions of your admin account .
  2. It's in ACP > Customization > Featured Content
  3. 1. You can use $topic->tthumb_show() 2. For old topics, you need to run rebuild tool for once after installation the plugin. For new topic if you don't set a thumb when posting, it will get the first image in post automatically.
  4. Please let me know the real url I will test it.
  5. Yes, they changed the url. I will update getting dailymotion's thumbnail in the next version.
  6. I see there is a js error Try to disable the plugin that is related to adBlock
  7. Hi, please give me the url so I can see the problem.
  8. Not sure but I will consider.
  9. It has been fixed by removing this custom css .bx-wrapper .bx-viewport { height: 100% !important; }
  10. It's only in the SQL, and unaffected to the current version. You can delete by running this query: DROP TABLE fcontent; DROP TABLE fcontent_slideshow;
  11. Try to go ACP > System > Support > You will see 'SQL Toolbox' in 'System Information' block. There are 2 old tables of V3 version you can drop them: fcontent & fcontent_slideshow
  12. You should uninstall Featured Content in IPB 3.4.9 first, upgrade IPS 4.1.x and then install new Featured Content. Edit: I missunderstood Do you want to pure the old database of V3 version?
  13. Check your pm, I sent you a file to fix.
  14. There is a known issue with the slider. It can not be shown if it has 1 or more broken images. See it img=http:/uploads It should be img=http://
  15. Ok, I will test this problem.