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  1. Looking forward to when the calendar gets a bit of love.
  2. Shame this is not included. What else is missing?
  3. Thanks Hosker. Would be nice to see this as an option. Really affecting the usefulness of the calendar
  4. What is the difference between babble and babblet?
  5. Edge is really a new browser rather than IE from MS - IE still exists.
  6. Having started to use the calendar for events the lack of being able to repeat events on a particular weekday is rather lacking. Many events repeat on say the third wednesday of a month, yet this is not possible. Yes you can repeat on say the 5th of every month but events rarely work like this as the 5th is a different day each month. Would be great if someone could even release this as a hook. Thanks!
  7. However it is not the fault of this app. I own it and I can't use it currently, but that is not a problem - I know when I can update to 4.x I can use it again.
  8. Thanks. I think I was on my phone. Could not see a report option there. Maybe I missed it.
  9. Thanks. True, but there is no way to report such PMs. Maybe a feature for the future.
  10. Just had a PM from kelvin962 who is not a client. Total spam, but no way to report. Also not sure why visitors can pm. Perhaps being off should be the default?
  11. Tom - your link to the marketplace file, simply redirects here
  12. I would say that markers should optionally be subject to approval. Not sure comments are required.
  13. Mandrill is to become a paid service it seems and merging with mailchimp - or more accurately mandrill is going to be an addon to mailchimp month plans and will not be available on its own. Minimum cost will be $20 per month. Not sure how or if it is will affect this app or the mandrill built in support within IPB
  14. Thanks updated 2,001