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  1. There is already an option for that. Go to your admin cp -> System Settings -> Server Environment -> Remove 'Thanks....' redirect pages? Set that to Yes.
  2. Its just that time of the year again to receive the dreaded IPB Package renewal notice lol

    1. Glumbo


      still haven't renewed mine

  3. When I was cough cough exploring the April Fools forum, I noticed that when you try to use the topic preview on threads you have no permission to view, it just says no permission. Maybe a more graceful way to show that a member doesn't have permission to view?
  4. Yep, Pretty much.
  5. If I remember correctly, the IPB 3.0 series were to have Imagemagick Support. I think when I asked after the betas were done if it was implemented that Brandon said that the framework was there. Just wanted to ask if Imagemagick was supported instead of using GD.
  6. What does your science forum currently run on? Did someone make a plugin for LaTex to work on the forum?
  7. Thanks for listening, much cleaner!
  8. I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it. =D

  9. Studying for ecology is such a dragggg. But after this exam, home free for weekend fun!

  10. It doesn't look too bad with a profile without customizations but when you do add a background, the profile info is moved all together in the center. The box sizes does get justified accordingly but the boxes make the profile looked cluttered up imo.
  11. Pretty much like how Facebook implemented their status comment system. It would also have the advantage of giving more screen real estate to the statuses as the comment boxes are just taking up space. And to add to Joelle's comment about disturbing the viewers eye if he doesn't want to reply to each single status update. A person wouldn't be even able to reply to all of them at the same time since each status has its own comment button. Just a waste of screen real estate if you ask me.
  12. Let me know what you think about this:

  13. 3.1 should have paradigm shifts

  14. moo

    1. TrixieTang


      Testing the spam others' status updates with dumb, pointless comments feature.

  15. Mi amor FF XIII <3 Lol