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  1. SSL Image Proxy

    As of 4.2, this is all built in, no need for an add on.
  2. Need lawyer , help please

  3. With IPS4, there isn't a need for FTP as everything is done via the admincp, if this is a third party item you are trying to alter, it would simply need to be updated to a new version and all done through the admincp.
  4. Legally nobody should be using our logo, so I'm sorry if there is any confusion, It's one of those items, as we see it, we address it. It bas been a little busy however and we often don't see everything at all times.
  5. To clarify on the php 7.1 issue noted, it does not affect all setups of php 7.1 and opcache, I can count on one hand how many customers I have seen affect, it is a valid bug with some configurations, however it does not apply to everyone that is running php 7.1 and zend opcache. It's posted as a notice in the support tool area and/our release notes. You would normally run the support tool on any sign of an issue first, so the information is noted there for that reason. (if you are affected, follow it) if you are not, there is no reason to do anything. This one is not a security warning, only information if you are having issues.
  6. Uuum Lindy....

    No matter how quick it may be, at the end of the day, it's still a "Dodge"
  7. Just use the report feature as you have in the past, AndyF does a great job with them, however we can all address them as needed.
  8. could not find a member account

    Please submit a support ticket here and we would be happy to assist you https://www.invisionpower.com/clientarea/support/ I'm not sure why your contact us forum didn't come through, however we don't have any tickets on this account/email in the system though.
  9. He's gone, thanks for reporting.
  10. Forum speed improvement - sprites

    You should leverage browser caching and cache static images.
  11. Blog Example

    Here is one that comes to mind http://fans.heat.nba.com/community/blogs/
  12. client area showing configuration error

    Fixed via your ticket.
  13. Download linked images

    That was top secret, now I'm going to have to take you out
  14. Yes you can simply log into our client area and re-activate your license, I have gone ahead and generated the renewal invoice for you now to make it easy. https://www.invisionpower.com/clientarea Just login there to our client area and you can pay the renewal fee and you should be all set, if you have any trouble please submit a ticket in the client area by selecting the support tab. Thank you
  15. Anyone considering moving over from PHPbb

    Great to hear, thank you for your positive feedback! and welcome to IPS!