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  1. Can you let us know why you would want this? You can make a copy of your theme, set the name to "Desktop" or something and allow your users to select that theme as a choice, then disable the responsive setting on that theme in your admincp > customize > themes > edit theme > see below.
  2. Hi Rhett, can you help me get my new forum online, I have changed my cname and it comes up as forums.sagergaming.com

    if you go to that you will see what comes up.

    can you help me finish the setup on that please.



    1. Rhett


      Please submit a ticket in the client area and we can assist you with this.

      Thank you


    2. Bret Sager

      Bret Sager

      Someone help me, I guess the system didn't finish the setup and he had to manual finish the install.

      all is good now.


  3. Please submit a support ticket under your licensed account in the client area and we would be happy to assist you.
  4. 40, 65, 100, / the 200 and up is free!
  5. Log into your admincp > support > something isn't working correctly > run the first step to clear the cache.
  6. Edit your conf_global.php file, change https to http, then log into the admincp and run the first step of the support tool. (IPS4)
  7. All apps have a version for the 3.4.9 series, however they are no long supported or available, IPS4 is the only available and supported version currently. We would recommend that you use a supported version too. If you have any trouble doing so, you can submit a support ticket in our client area nad we can assist you. Thank you
  8. Send me a pm with the site url please, thank you
  9. Hello, a support ticket in our cloud section would be the proper place for this, please have the customer in question here submit a ticket within their account. Thank you
  10. This isn't really a ip.board or IPS issue, both work fine with SSL, if you have a SSL cert installed, then you can use it, I would get with your host on any SSL items, and I'm sure they can help you set it up though, but it's not done at a software level on our end. Once you have the cert installed, you set the site to use it for logins in your admincp, or change to full ssl if needed by editing the conf_global.php file and then clearing the cache.
  11. Once you go CIC, you won't go back!!!! Do it, Do it!
  12. That's not really called for, since this is feedback for IPS, and not a fighting match between users here, I'll close this up for now, thanks for your feedback.
  13. I'm sorry for the trouble, this will be fixed up mid week with some updates we will be doing.
  14. Hello, yes you can add a third party language pack to the site, then set that as default, we only provide English in our software though, there are many third party language packs here that you can use though https://invisionpower.com/files/category/161-translations/ It looks like this is the one you would need in this case
  15. Yes it would The three column layout is not the same as the old portal app, but the two column works well and looks nice too. The three column, due to the responsiveness can be a little trick to get to look great though. Some blocks don't work well with the three column currently.