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  1. Set the first one to 1200x1200 and the second to 800x800 (my personal preference) In this setup, any image over 1200 or 1200 will be resized, when doing so, it will also shrink/compress the image file itself. so even if an image is lets say 1600x1600 and 3 mb, the resizing to 1200x1200 would be approx 500k to 1mb or less (just a guess) Now if you took an image of 4000x3000 and 8mb, with the same setting it would again likely end up between 500kb and 1mb or so. (best guess, could be off a little)
  2. You can already do this actually, just set your max width and height to a normal web size. 800x600 or 1600x1200 etc, then anything larger will be re-sized, in both pixels and file size. Uploading a 5000x5000 image on the web is silly anyway. I personally use 1200x1200 for max size.
  3. The best spam prevention is on registration, not after, this is where the built in tools are valuable. 1. Ensure you have the question and answer system setup for registrations, do not use a simple math or color question, get creative with your question, tailor it around the topic if your site and not something anyone can google the answer for. 2. Setup the IPS spam service to not allow registration on level 3 & 4, then adjust the others as needed to tighten things up, admin validation can be used also for some levels if needed. 3. Require email validation. If you do the above, you won't have to deal with spam much at all. Keep in mind there are humans registering too, and spamming too, not much you can do about those, this is where the "Flag as spammer comes in though" Be sure to set that up as well to delete content, ban account etc, all with one click! The IPS Spam service uses a multitude of data and magic however to process registrations and score them, you can alter the actions per score as above to suite your needs.
  4. In this case, if you are converting, you can upgrade php to 5.6+ then install and run the conversion application to convert your VB site. vBulletin 4.2.3 will work fine on the latest php version also, so you could update to 4.2.3, without issue first if needed. The vb site doesn't need to work for the conversion though, we just need the the database and files present. In the case of 4.2.2, it's very likely vb will still run on php 5.6+, just with a few quirks due to the php version, in which 4.2.3 would correct.
  5. It would be in your client area on your licensed account.
  6. You can use 3.4 or 4.1 currently, however the 3.4 series is no longer supported, and the 3.4 mods are no longer available, so it's recommended that you use IPS4 in this case. The renewal fee is the same, you only pay the renewal fee to re-activate the license if it expires.
  7. Hello, we have many options available here https://invisionpower.com/buy with plans on up to 100GB available. The plan limit included all data on your site to be specific, the files, the database and content on the site etc. You also have the option of using AWS S3 bucket to store your uploaded content on as well, so there is a solution for pretty much every need. If you have any further questions please let us know.
  8. stability and security and performance .
  9. To clarify, we don't allow the stand alone version of cometchat, they do however have a cloud version for our cloud customers here if anyone would like to use it https://www.cometchat.com/ipb-cloud-chat Thank you again.
  10. Hello, I'm sorry for any confusion here, our cloud communities only allow our software, we don't allow any stand alone php files or this party scripts. You would need to create whatever is needed as a plugin or application for our software in this case. Thank you
  11. Can you clarify what you mean perhaps? In our latest 4.1 version you have many options, you can store images locally on the same server as your site, store them to an AWS S3 Bucket, FTP, etc, there are many options. Our cloud communities offers all of these solutions too. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  12. The original owner of the license will have to pay the fee, and also transfer the license, keep in mind that the fraud rate of second hand licenses is very high (most are scams), if you would like to verify a license first, please submit a ticket to accounts@invisionpower.com with the license number and we can assist you.
  13. For all support, you need to submit a ticket under your licensed account in our client area here https://www.invisionpower.com/clientarea
  14. Using SSL (HTTPS)

    If you are wanting to use SSL for logins only, after installing the SSL cert on your host, then log into the admincp, and enable SSL for logins and ACP only. If you are wanting to move to 100% SSL, please edit your conf_global.php file, changing http to https on your url line, then save. From: $INFO['board_url'] = 'http://www.yourdomain.com'; To: $INFO['board_url'] = 'https://www.yourdomain.com'; Then log into the admincp > support > . something isn't working correctly, then proceed with the first step, this clears out your cache, and will allow all items to then be linked from https. Please also keep in mind that all advertisements or any code you may have added to the site or theme must be served from https or the cert will show an error for your users.
  15. yes and yes