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  1. I love IP products and I've been using them for about 12 years, but boy it's tough when you see other platforms implementing must have features (AMP is just the latest) and IP falling behind. I hope we see AMP support for pages and board real soon. P
  2. I agree, this is something that I would find super useful too. Not sure what would be involved from the mod side, but would love to see it in the main product. P
  3. I installed this today to test and it's great! The only issue I could see was that my custom BBcode wasn't working, it showed in the dropdown but when used it didn't get replaced. Fix that (and maybe support multiple fields) and i'll be one happy camper! :) P
  4. This looks great, i'd love to be able to have multiple codemirror fields though! P
  5. YES, please please please! P
  6. WOOHOO! Sorry for not reading that properly. ;) P
  7. I hope we have the ability to referral deep link in 1.5... It's a bit frustrating the referrer links can only go to the forum root! P