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  1. I just updated, but none the articles display the cropped image as it did before http://www.the-armory.net/news_articles/how-the-bf1-battlepacks-were-reworked-r17/
  2. Seemed to work after a few attempts of deleting, adding, deleting, etc. Thanks for your assistance
  3. I did that, but it still will not display the image
  4. I have no categories
  5. When I promote an article, I get this narrow view:
  6. Well, here is the problem. I promoted a post (plugin) to an article, and added a picture during the process, but the picture did not display. How can I make it not do this, as it is not desired
  7. Everytime I create a news story, the images do not appear, and I get the following As you can see, the top article is missing the image and the social icons are on the bottom
  8. Hello, I like your theme home page design, how can do that? I purchased the theme too...

    I don't usually buy themes, but I bought this one. It is exceptionally modern and looks fantastic. TAMAN added a feature set that allowed me to customize it for my site. When I ran into a few issues, TAMAN was quick to respond, working wth me until it I got my site looking and running like a champ. I just started using the Article/Database functionality, so I only have a few news stories at the moment, but you are welcome to check it my site and see the theme in action at www.the-armory.net.
  9. Very fast, and great and friendly support
  10. It works fine, but when you toggle it Off, it does not turn off. It does, however, respond to the Group permissions, which will work instead ...no problem I love the slider and the big and bold image it can project, but I wish it would retract to a small header on designated pages (most of them actually). The slider takes up to much space, and every time a user clicks on a topic, they must scroll down quite a distance to view the topic. I really hope you add this option priority in your "to do" list. I may have to disengage the slider for now, because I don't think my readers want to get zapped every time the want to view a topic or page. That would be awesome :)
  11. I figured out the forum icon size issue, so no longer need help with that one. I tried to edit my post above, but I can no longer edit it.
  12. I just purchased the theme, and I really like it. As I am looking through the expanded feature set you gave us, I have a few questions/comments: - The Top and Bottom widget buttons do not turn on/off when enabled/disabled - I only want the slider to show on the main page (whatever I designate ...a page I made at the moment). When selecting the Forums, for example, I don't want the large header. I noticed you had it disabled on some pages in you Demo. How do I turn these off? - I adjusted the "Slider" height, and it reduced in size as you designed it, but the sliding text did not. The sliding text actually went underneath the nav bar. I didn't see where I could adjust this. - I created some forum list icons, but they have been reduced in size. Is there a way I can adjust individually? Thanks in advance
  13. Your demo site is down. I wanted to look at it again. Never mind. It's back up
    Works great! I had a small issue with the template system in my forums, and TAMAN quickly resolved my issue for me. I'm also looking at purchasing his theme as well ...very nice