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  1. Are you guys currently using pages for your IPS4 bug tracker and documentation sections? or are those articles... i'm just trying to get an understanding of the flexibility of the system.
  2. Nevermind... i just reimported the hook again and it works like a charm on 3.4.2
  3. no longer working on IPB 3.4 :(... I love this mode... fix please!
  4. I'm getting a database error when I enable it on my 3.2.3 forum... updates maybe?
  5. having the same redirect issue as well... waiting for Dawpi's fix
  6. nvm I re-imported everything and it seems to be working just fine now.
  7. When I installed this, it conflicts with the edit function. The java doesn't load the editor, the post turns blank. Any ideas??
  8. Any ideas if the author for this hook will ever update it??? urgently need it!!
  9. where can we get the shoutbox plugin??
  10. Nevermind, forgot the output edit. :D
  11. is this compatible with IPB 3.1.4??? I upgraded and now it's not working.
  12. installed just fine for me thanks... I wonder if I can embed the sidebar shoutbox into the side panel there... hmmm :ermm:
  13. I updated to 3.1.2 and imported the xml file you loaded without modifying it and it worked.
  14. yes... viva bianconeri ;)

  15. juventus fan from canada????????