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  1. Go in to the apps and uninstall it manually.
  2. That a 10 month old thread, they really don't go back and read them.
  3. 1. 1. I'm actually in the progress of loading old IP.Galleries and take snap shots of what really work in the older version which is lacking in the current version are even cut out totally. There will be a post on that later. 2. Minor changes don't fix the issues just improve a fucntion, I'm speaking more of a better and improve change. There have been already many topics listed on the subject in the forums. Much to none has overall improve on the Gallery system.
  4. I don't recall them giving much details to what was improvements, most of the time is small things. But really the front it needs some more love.
  5. Is there going to be any improvement in the Gallery system? Ever since the rewrite of the Gallery system every time it been redone the front end has change and items keep beeing rip out of the system. Some of the older version of IP.Gallery were nice to have in each rewrite of the front end system.
  6. I can't seem to find a search function with in the Nexus system with in the tickets area. If I need to find something but have let say 50 tickets I don't recall whom had it are I need to search for something. I would have to manual go through each ticket and try to find what I'm looking for. I would think having a search within the ticket area would be helpfully to owners.
  7. Both really, something to allow it to evolve from what it is currently.
  8. Is there any plans in the work to improve the landing page if the gallery system? Before in past version it had squares and other way to make photos pop out more are some way to make it stand out more. Are they plans to improve some functions of Gallery is where I'm getting to.
  9. All tho I'm getting an error here. It happens when I have the "Forum Statistics" up. The URL of page the error occurred on was domain/admin/?adsess=1b597ef3cc3da760ef4b0e8a2224b1e6&app=core&module=overview&controller=dashboard UnderflowException: (0) #0 domain/applications/spaciouswidgets/extensions/core/Dashboard/forumStats.php(68): IPS\Db\_Select->first() #1 domain/applications/core/modules/admin/overview/dashboard.php(58): IPS\spaciouswidgets\extensions\core\Dashboard\_forumStats->getBlock() #2 IPS\core\modules\admin\overview\_dashboard->manage() #3 domain/ IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #4 domain/ IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #5 {main} Backtrace #0 domain/ IPS\_Log::log('UnderflowExcept...', 'uncaught_except...') #1 [internal function]: IPS\IPS::exceptionHandler(Object(UnderflowException)) #2 {main}
  10. I take it there is no upgrade option just a reinstall of the software?
  11. Nice Addon
  12. If every other ticket in the list was change to a color so that it not a list of grey(ish). Like the first one being grey, than the next one will be white, etc. Also, the last part is if the hover area of the mouse where it on a ticket was highlighted to allow the user to see where they are clicking at. Quick easy code to add to this patch.
  13. slider

    We can only hope, Mr. Stark.
  14. Current my sub has laps so I can't upgrade as this point in time. Woulnd't it be better to allow this to be change so that is base maybe on your sub being current are not? @Dean_ I don't know what have said are such, but my attitude towards the issue is not security being the problem but the banner being on the front in, I don't mind it being on the ACP and every site is different so you can't judge others when you know nothing about others, yes I know about upgrade and know the ins and out of it all. But that is not your concern.
  15. I can't attach pictures for some reason so I had to hyperlink it from My Google Drive. But it would be ask of IPS if there can be a place to dismiss the red banner. I know about updating is important and all but current I won't be doing such a thing for a few weeks. But it poping up all the time does seem to cause a issue in the front end. I don't mind as much as in the back end. Is there no way to dismiss this so that it will stop showing up in the front end?