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  1. If every other ticket in the list was change to a color so that it not a list of grey(ish). Like the first one being grey, than the next one will be white, etc. Also, the last part is if the hover area of the mouse where it on a ticket was highlighted to allow the user to see where they are clicking at. Quick easy code to add to this patch.
  2. slider

    We can only hope, Mr. Stark.
  3. Current my sub has laps so I can't upgrade as this point in time. Woulnd't it be better to allow this to be change so that is base maybe on your sub being current are not? @Dean_ I don't know what have said are such, but my attitude towards the issue is not security being the problem but the banner being on the front in, I don't mind it being on the ACP and every site is different so you can't judge others when you know nothing about others, yes I know about upgrade and know the ins and out of it all. But that is not your concern.
  4. I can't attach pictures for some reason so I had to hyperlink it from My Google Drive. But it would be ask of IPS if there can be a place to dismiss the red banner. I know about updating is important and all but current I won't be doing such a thing for a few weeks. But it poping up all the time does seem to cause a issue in the front end. I don't mind as much as in the back end. Is there no way to dismiss this so that it will stop showing up in the front end?
  5. Thank you @Adriano this helps alot! I wish it was put up a lot sooner so to understand the issue more so. What area in the forums was it posted under.
  6. Oh!! You mean than extra fields we can make in ticket to add details to them that are not part of the product. NICE!
  7. " If you are an administrator and encounter a system error, additional debug output will now display. " Where would they be display at? " Custom Fields for Support Requests in Commerce now show on the front-end. " Can you explain this more? I don't understand what is being said here.
  8. Are the week after this post from the week you posted @RevengeFNF
  9. @Tripp_UK I think you link me to an area I can't see. It says I have no permission to see that thread. But your right pretty much on all of that. A full and detail list of the coded will go a long way to not wasting when it could be very easy as just a click in a text box.
  10. Best to get the app when it comes out the defaults stink. xD
  11. Would IPS please list all the error codes? In IPB 3 series there was a listing in the resource area. That listing back then helped me found out an issue that was very easy to address and not have me open a ticket and significantly fix the problem right and than and there because I didn't fix a permission right are such. But now in IPB 4 series, I have to open a ticket and wait 2 days for a reply to something that can be fixed if I understood what the heck the error codes mean. Now, two-day wait is a common wait time but regardless I can fix something that if I understood what the website is giving me to make it my own call to address it if I can are open a ticket. But now I have to open a ticket for very every error code that I don't get. The tools are taken away from the owner to help and address the issue. Why won't you publish the codes to website owners so they can fix issues that can be minor in scope and not waste IPB's time with tickets and time to fix something that could be so easy. The lack of this listing is very frustration when trying to run a website without trying to run to IPB all the time. Can you please like just post something to get it out there and fix it up later and not allow the public to wait for months for this to be done? I mean even a doc/excel file will work for the time being to get it out there.
  12. Quality of Life Improvement - QoLI It would be nice to allow users to change pages and folders by a drop and drag like many other things in the IPB system. Current this can't be done and make things a little harder.
  13. It would be nice to have categories be hidden on the front end so that if I'm getting stuff read but don't want to show stuff in that category that is stays hidden till I'm ready to show it. Currently, I make a category it shows up but I can hide the products to it. I think I should be able to show the items but hide the category if at all possible as well.
  14. Quality of Life Improvement - QoLI Store --> Billing and Purchases If I have pay and invoice are it is in pending stage after paying the invoice the word/tag could be place maybe near the button are grey out the Pay Now button so that the user will know that payment is on file and such. The button misleads users to think that even if it says Pending in small brown letters. I think some improvement to could be done in this area so it more pronouned to the user what is what.
  15. Could you export your database and allow us to download it? It don't download the content just the information in it to make it up. IP.Page database that is.