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  1. Hi, Will you be upgrading to work with 3.3?
  2. This doesnt show the user that you specify :(
  3. Log out and log back in. =]
  4. Moved my board, now how do I get the skins to grab images from new directory? (etc. from / to /forums/)

  5. Go for the demo, it has the cms. ccs. Also, it can't be mobile friendly unless YOU do it. its not a cms, its your website. You design it, it's just intergrated with IP.Board and is easy to use.
  6. Since 3.0.2 is out... when can we expect a release ;)
  7. [quote name='G
  8. :faceless: Cannot wait ;)
  9. ^1. Of course it would only be visible to admins, like it is right now...
  10. That would be a good idea, but dont forget about fresh 2.x.x and 3.x.x!
  11. You'll get it eventually. Don't link it here, guests/members can see it and get IPB for free.
  12. For Trader Systems, you could just use reputation?
  13. Just if you know, 3.1 is out for developers. Speed improvements, and MMS for AT & T
  14. Yeah, 2 minute job, so not surprised if you vomit when you look at it. Anyway, I have no idea how to change the parts in red so it looks like the pdf style.
  15. 2.x.x and 3.x.x skins are not interchangable.