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  1. Group Collaboration

    Well @Kevin Carwile, I finally decided to purchase the full Collabs version. Even though I might use Groups for something different on my site, there's no getting around the quality of your work (even if I will be pestering you with questions in the coming weeks ). I've tried your Rules app, and I know your work is rock solid, so I'm happy to support you.
  2. Group Collaboration

    Thanks again Kevin. I have a couple more questions, but will ask them later. For now, thank you for your patience with all the questions! EDIT: ok maybe one more question! - I am trying to have a member in a certain group create a database category with the ability to post articles to it. The test member can create the category, but that's all I can seem to do - create categories in the collab without the ability to add an article. Are these permissions controlled in the Group settings of the AdminCP? Because those categories don't show up anywhere in Pages. Everything else makes sense to me - I think I'm still figuring out how Pages/Databases work with your app.
  3. Group Collaboration

    @Kevin Carwile a question about implementing Pages in Collab categories: is it at all possible to allow category owners (who are not an admin) to create their own pages and create/add blocks? If this isn't possible, is it a foreseeable addition in the future? Thanks!
  4. Group Collaboration

    This isn't quite true. To name one important difference: The Clubs function in 4.2 does not allow association of Pages or Databases with created Clubs - Collabs allow you to use all the IPS suite's functions. There's also no way of knowing when (or even if) that ability will be implemented in Clubs. MOreover, I believe I read it's also integrated with @Kevin Carwile's Rules application. Does that sound right Kevin? That's what I know anyway...I'll leave it to others more familiar with the software to describe more differences.
  5. Group Collaboration

    Thanks Kevin. My final question would be (and sorry if it's already been answered in the many pages here): is it possible right now to move existing blogs, pages, databases etc. into created collabs? I think that's the one thing keeping me from buying this right now.
  6. Group Collaboration

    @Kevin Carwile Thanks Kevin. I'm totally into the new Groups function that will be coming with 4.2, but I say I am mightily impressed with your app and can easily see that it's much more granular than 4.2 in its current state at least. You seem to have answered my nagging question re: whether or not you would continue updating this with 4.2 and beyond with a yes, which brings me that much closer to purchasing your do excellent work! One question however: do you see any conflict if, theoretically, one were to use your app alongside Groups?
  7. So I just did an absolutely fresh install of on a site I am preparing for an academic grant application review. For some reason it installed and yet was utterly unusable because no CSS or template styles were loading at all. Timeline panic made me hit the Outage button. Long story short: @Rhett responded in one minute. Problem fixed in 15 minutes. Before I crawl back into my workhole, I just wanted to say: THAT is service.
  8. I have to give props to the IPS team

    It's obviously always good to get software updates, but the impending 4.2 update is by far the most exciting. And not only for all the great features that the staff have worked so hard to implement, but also because they open up new possibilities for future expansion. My favourite feature right now is Clubs, which is great as is but also because of what it can become - especially if it's integrated with Pages functionality. Anyway... yeah, kudos to the IPS team for proving themselves a company I'm happy to support. "4.2? Ohhhh, shut UP and TAKE MY MONEY!"
  9. invoicing in Commerce

    Hello, I have been messing around with a Demo IPS suite to get a sense of how Commerce works. I really like the fact that you can generate invoices for pretty much anything around your online service. However, I notice that while you can set a Purchase Order (PO) number for an invoice, the client can edit this, which doesn't cut it if one wants an internal invoice code. So, my question is: can one, and if so how does one set a specific internal invoice number which the client can't edit (preferably not even see)? Is there a process to do this, or does one have to insert it in the subject line or something? I'd like to be able to invoice for different kinds of services, so I'd really like to be able to create different prefixes for invoice numbers, and even organize them into different group folders (so invoices can be organized by either nature of work or specific projects). If this is already possible, could someone point me to how this is done? Thanks! EDIT: I'm obviously posting here because I'm strongly considering purchasing Commerce if my service gathers enough momentum, but this invoice management issue might be a sticking point for me.
  10. New: Clubs

    I see the point that Pages (as it currently stands) could be a bit complicated for non-Admins, but I do think that Clubs at some point needs the ability to create a more robust environment which doesn't necessarily have to be a "mini website" (although I'm not sure how blocks would function without the concept of the page). One could limit the amount of "pages" (let's call them pages for the sake of argument) a Club (or any Club) can have; one can charge a subscription fee to create a Club; or if one wanted to one could manage all the Clubs on one's site, depending on how many there are. It's really the issue of multiculturalism transferred to the idea of the website: how much do you want other Clubs/"cultures" to be able to articulate themselves on your site before there is a crisis of identity? There is no one right answer of course, but I think it's better to have the tools for expansion than not. For me, the philosophical issue is that successful clubs will grow and evolve, and while one can control this growth like for example limiting pages or whatever, it isn't clear to me how blocks will cut it without the potential to narrativize one's Club content through, for example, consecutive pages (with or without blocks). As I said, I agree that Pages on the Admin side is not for the beginner, but maybe there's an alternative for the Club owner side of things - in the future.
  11. New: Clubs

    I agree...but realistically, we can't expect everything everyone wants all at once . The IPS staff have been working on a lot of different updates for 4.2 so I assume this is a jumping-off point and that Club-specific Pages/database functionality will be the next logical step. @Lindy Hint hint.
  12. New: Richer Embeds

    I was wondering the same thing! PS keep the great 4.2 teasers coming!
  13. New: Group promotion improvements

    This is another great addition! I need to ask: will this have Clubs functionality, i.e. if condition(s) X(,Y,Z, etc.) is/are met, add/remove member to/from a Club? Or even change (promote/demote) their status in a Club from Member to Moderator (or vice versa), for example?
  14. Maxthon browser = risky business

    I read some people talking about how great the Maxthon browser is. I checked it out, but uninstalled it as soon as I read that several security companies have shown that it harvests information on your apps (and who knows what else?) and sends it as a file to servers in Beijing. NOT WORTH THE RISK. I realise that this may well happen with any browser one chooses to use in the age of surveillance, but personally I'd rather my information be collected by a country which doesn't have the track record of a place like China. Just a public service announcement.
  15. New: Clubs

    Thanks opentype. IMHO, this would be a great further step for Clubs, which is not to dismiss the great features which are already lined up for 4.2!