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  1. Although 95% of the time I think IPS Support is great, there is the odd time where I point something out, someone explains it to me in a way that doesn't make sense, but I realize that my arguing with them isn't going to make any meaningful point so I then say ok, thanks.
  2. Not to hijack the thread, but I've been very frustrated with IP sorting in general for some time now. My specific peeve in mind is Downloads: for volumized series, e.g. files numbered x1,x2,x3...x13, there is only one way to sort them in title order (by default or otherwise), and that is descending order, so at the top of the list is 13, then the list goes down to 1. Completely counterintuitive for the human user. This, and the unsearchability of custom pages and blocks are my two bones of conention. @Joel R I dream of the ability to drag and drop items in Gallery, Downloads and elsewhere to create whatever order we want.
  3. Thanks for your reply, but I was thinking of a more native capability to do this. I'm always wary of adding plugins, because your site then relies on yet another developer party who may at some point simply stop supporting or developing their plugin. If you build your site around this functionality, you then risk being left high and dry. I know this may not be one of those critical instances, and I know it's no reason to never use plugins at all of course, but personally I'm wary of it. But I'll check the plugins at any rate.
  4. As someone who has several custom blocks across several custom pages with prose, URL lists etc., it would be great if as an Admin I could edit the content of these blocks on the fly without having to log in to the AdminCP and navigate the menu system every time I wanted to add a link, change a phrase, etc. What if there were a browser button or arrow, like the Manage Blocks arrow on the site screen, which brought up an Edit mode which allowed you to directly edit the content of certain kinds of blocks (i.e. custom)?
  5. When creating feeds for Blogs (post or comment) or Database entries, in addition to choosing which blog/database(s) you want it would be great if we were able to filter by tag(s) as well.
  6. As many of us know, Search functionality in IPB is something of a bone of contention, as per this well-trodden thread: I'd feel guilty about bumping this issue after it's been discussed so much, but I think this is one of the most important outstanding issues facing IPB. I'm an arts and humanities educator and scholar - ok, not the most common use of IPB out there (nor will it ever be, I know), but all the same I need to be able to log in to my site and run a quick search for words or phrases and get a comprehensive list. Things work OK (I stress OK) for the main content, but leaving aside difficulties with AND tag searches (which I know have been tagged as Planned for future fixes), the most frustrating thing for me (and perhaps others) is that content in custom blocks or manually-created pages is not searchable. In some respects it's almost not worth creating them if they can't be searched from the splash page. My motivations are of course in part selfish, because as I build research spaces and add custom blocks this search functionality is becoming way more important, but I am not the first (nor will I be the last) who is looking for this crucial functionality. So @Lindy I know you said in the thread above that you would look in to it, but I was wondering if there was anything more to say right now in terms of future developments? If I sound insistent, just think of it as a question from someone who loves this software (and who convinced a professor to get a license for a collaborative site ) and sees lots of potential in it for now and the future.
  7. I agreem and this is by no means meant to hijack the thread, but I also feel precisely the same way about Calendar. It's there because, well, you kinda have to have it because all the other apps do, but it's so drastically underdeveloped right now.
  8. I just missed commenting on the travel ban thread, it seems. While it's closed (and I'm not going to re-open the can by stating my political views), it occurred to me to ask: is it worth developing the general forums somewhat? We have a "General Chit Chat" forum (which is "discuss whatever you want" but so often cluttered with topics that belong in Product Feedback, P2P Support or support tickets ). What about, say, Music and Politics forums for those of us who wish to discuss these things in discreet areas that those of us with no interest in discussing either can safely ignore? We can have the usual disclaimers that views expressed are not necessarily those of IPS, etc. and it might add some new dimensions to a very large community which seems based largely around the tech side of things (but as I'm by no means a regular here maybe this is unfair). Anyway, just throwing this out there. Thoughts?
  9. I was recently on and responded to an old thread, only to get a warning that the thread was over 10 months old and did I really want to respond to such an old topic? Is there anyone else here who thinks this might be a good thing to (optionally) enable for IPS forums?
  10. For those of us who make substantial use of the Calendar app, I think it would be great if one could have event reminders sent to the event owner and/or a particular group of members as emails and/or notifications. Personally, I would also love to see more control over pruning and deleting events. If one wants to keep DB space down by deleting old events, there should be an option to delete all events (choose between single or repeating events?) between X and Y date ranges or all events before date X, or even to wipe the calendar clean with one command if need be. I hate to toot my own horn regarding my own ideas, but I also think a drag-and-drop interface for moving/copying/deleting events would be really cool.
  11. Well shut my mouth! I thought it was only for forums posts. I see it's for Gallery items but not Category or Album names, but still it's a great feature to have!
  12. This suggestion has been made before, but I think it's a very important one. I think it would be great if one could drag-and-drop items in a Gallery album to manually change their display order when needed. If one wants to display material following a certain narrative (say, in a Gallery album associated with an Article or Blog post) to my mind it would be imperative to be able to order images to follow that presentation of information. Sometimes ordering by upload date, title, etc. just isn't good enough.
  13. Why not make this standard for Blog and Gallery album/category titles as well?
  14. I might have mentioned at least one of these before, but I have a couple of suggestions for associated albums: When an album is associated with a Blog post, could you please make a (hopefully) small change to the Images listing to include the image's title? That would make it much easier for the reader to refer to images mentioned in the post (especially if there are many), even if they don't click the images to view them full size. And....please allow albums to be associated with Articles? It arguably makes more sense than associating albums with blog posts (not that I think that's a bad idea at all), because with a longer Article with more material (and I think that articles are by definition meant to be longer than blog posts) one should be able to complement the prose with images. Right now the only way to do this seems to be a column feed, which doesn't present the same connectivity and continuity between media.