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  1. I agree...but realistically, we can't expect everything everyone wants all at once . The IPS staff have been working on a lot of different updates for 4.2 so I assume this is a jumping-off point and that Club-specific Pages/database functionality will be the next logical step. @Lindy Hint hint.
  2. I was wondering the same thing! PS keep the great 4.2 teasers coming!
  3. This is another great addition! I need to ask: will this have Clubs functionality, i.e. if condition(s) X(,Y,Z, etc.) is/are met, add/remove member to/from a Club? Or even change (promote/demote) their status in a Club from Member to Moderator (or vice versa), for example?
  4. I read some people talking about how great the Maxthon browser is. I checked it out, but uninstalled it as soon as I read that several security companies have shown that it harvests information on your apps (and who knows what else?) and sends it as a file to servers in Beijing. NOT WORTH THE RISK. I realise that this may well happen with any browser one chooses to use in the age of surveillance, but personally I'd rather my information be collected by a country which doesn't have the track record of a place like China. Just a public service announcement.
  5. Thanks opentype. IMHO, this would be a great further step for Clubs, which is not to dismiss the great features which are already lined up for 4.2!
  6. Sorry if this question has already been answered in any of the past 5(!) pages (or even in the last two messages): but I was wondering if one could create pages using IP.Pages that were exclusively for X Club and its members? I get that all the main apps can be segregated into a Club space, but I haven't heard so much specifically about Pages. I'm assuming this is possible (thus essentially enabling a mini-website in a Club with feeds possible on every page), but I'm not 100% clear on that.
  7. Strange. Last time I checked I sat there and clicked and nothing with Chrome. But, if I right-clicked and opened the article in a new tab it worked fine. Today, for some strange reason it does work with Chrome, although sometimes I have to click twice or thrice for it to "stick." And I know that makes absolutely no sense. And yes, I do get "link behaviour" with all browsers. If you still want to take a look, the test slider is here: Apart from all this, thank you for creating these very cool and much-needed templates!
  8. So about the custom forum colours. If you have a custom forums icon, and, as @Charles said, it isn't clear to me how the custom colour would work. I have custom forum icons for all my forums, and it looks like in that case it would be useless to set colours, because then a specific post in forum X would have a colour bar which tags it as a post in forum X, but when viewing forum X in a category listing you wouldn't actually see a forums colour. Or am I missing something?
  9. This is a great feature! As someone who is preparing a couple of graphics-rich themes purchased from @ehren. at IPSFocus, I think the fluid view could make a site experience much nicer for someone browsing a graphics-rich homepage on weaker hardware. That, and it's sexy as. Awesome idea!
  10. Is it just me or do the title links to the specific database entries from the slider not work with Chrome? I tried every other browser and they work fine, but when you click the article title in Chrome nothing happens, when it should be taking you to the specific article.
  11. This made me spit out my coffee despite all attempts to keep it in
  12. I'm just going to say for the record that even though there are only three posts in this thread so far I already find it incredibly amusing.
  13. DUDE! This is one of those "this is really awesome and I had no idea you could do this!" moments!
  14. That is true, but for every CKEditor plugin there is a compatibility chart at the bottom of the screen which tells you what button version to download for your version of CKEditor you have (the Add Button dialog window tells you your version of CKEditor). I think their plugins will be around for a while Back on topic: great idea, IPS!
  15. If they're anything like the buttons I've added to my editor, log in to your AdminCP, then go to Customization -> Toolbars, and then click Add Button and browse in your .zip file. Once uploaded, your button(s) should appear in the Buttons not in editor space.