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  1. I guess there's no bridge between IPB and SocialEngine?
  2. I agree 100%. I was mislead about this mod too. I want this to be a next feature in the next version of this mod.
  3. That mod doesn't work for copying threads.
  4. That tells me alot than doesn't it? What could be causing the issue that it wouldn't work on my board?
  5. The Copy Topic part doesn't work. It only copies the first post which is useless. Will this be fixed?
  6. It is strange for a coder to go abit crazy about someone trying to help by changing their code. Is it a Ego thing or what? My suggesttion is to fix the bbcode issue ASAP - it's terrible to see such a basic thing done wrong. Another idea is maybe including a Hall of Fame tab for special members. do you add information about the Admins? I haven't seen anything to change it.
  7. Even if part of your mod doesn't work?
  8. I'm a new customer. Just hoping I get it soon, I got alot of work to do with it!
  9. I'm still waiting for mine to be approved...