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  1. "Matt liked your post" would in my opinion be MUCH more useful/user friendly if it actually said in which topic. For example something like "Matt liked a post you made in Can't wait for 3.2"
  2. Thanks a lot for adding pagination, really appreciated.
  3. Missed this on as well . Oh well, will have to buy it once released then.
  4. Hey Mike, great to see that you switched to the side where the grass is greener
  5. Amazing, good job guys
  6. Looks great :) ! I only have one question: Is there an option to make the front page paginated ?
  7. What is on my mind ?

  8. Really nice improvement, looking forward to 3.1.
  9. Great improvement Matt, any chance of getting a "I like" feature too ? Thanks and Merry Christmas :)
  10. Thanks :thumbsup:.
  11. Wow, awsome :)
  12. Excellent suggestions :thumbsup:
  13. It should at least be an option if not the default behavior :blink:
  14. Members tend to post topics with the same questions over and over again, why not impliment a feature checking the topic title against existing titles using ajax and show the results underneath with a caption saying something like "Topic with a similar title". That would be awesome and may decrease the amount of repeated topics (w00t)