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  1. Hi Andy IK installed the apps, it is really great and it is what i need, I use charachter set windows-1256 , which is RTL (Arabic) everything looks fine , even tested the locale except Item Name it comes all wrong and it looks like this ءçèêوè ئ أوèçيل كمçن how can this be fixed Thanks
  2. ok it doesn't work for me , do I have to edit those files?, i tried to ban myself , but my group has acess , did not work for me , any help oh I use 3.2.3 :)
  3. Oh I bought it and it's awesome this is what my admin need, but I thought the notification is for admins and moderator !!!!
  4. now it looks awesome , Thanks man, love this Apps
  5. give us a choice , coz i am for no title block
  6. I still thinking using wrapper is redundancy as you have a like a subject address like ×thanks for visiting! Thanks for visiting us from invisionpower.com! I hope you like our development board and decide to visit us again. We have expanded our current forum and enabled registration. We will post news about upcoming mods too so stay tuned. thank you and then then body, do we need to have this , using only the body is more elegant :) what do you think
  7. I think in its look now looks really good , it is stand out in the skin itself and looks visible and coool but lets wait and see , surprise us man!!!
  8. like in the right and left of the notice
  9. me want arrows in the notice instead of prev and next :no:
  10. You know we appreciate the awesome Notices system as is , so I will not be Greedy , GET US THE NEXT KEWL VERSION DUDE :laugh:
  11. are we good about the adding of effects in the new version?
  12. like nivo slider effect, as well as using arrows instead of numbers , and maybe later u can use small thumbnail in version 4 :laugh:
  13. it looks really very cool, now can you add the arrows instead of those numbers, and the effects , don't forget it , I am waiting for the update, good job dude
  14. I second that Please Great Mod really
  15. I think based on British Pound :drool: , , oh man just 5 bucks would have been ok :baby: