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  1. Never mind I think I fixed it. Thanks
  2. Hi for some reason whenever I try to access a page I created, it gives me an error on a blank page "No input file specified." Please help! Thanks.
  3. Thanks it worked!
  4. Hi! First of all i'd like to say thanks for supporting this app! But right now i'm having issues viewing the portal page through my mobile browser. Although if I go to the main forum page it works. Here is the error i'm getting. Fatal error: Call to a member function articles() on a non-object in /home/kelvin/public_html/ipb/admin/applications_addon/other/portal/sources/blocks.php on line 472 Please help! Thanks!
  5. It says it's done uninstalling but when I go back to the "Manage Apps & Mods" it still shows the Shoutbox mod. Under "My Apps" it doesn't show any options for the Shoutbox mod also so yeah. :P
  6. Hey Micheal, I can't delete the shoutbox. I tried to delete and reinstall the shoutbox because no one could shout in it. Nothing worked. :P Please help!
  7. i was trying to install ipb 3.0.0 beta 5 but this came up... Fatal error: Call to a member function fetchMemberData() on a non-object in /home/warrier/public_html/forums/admin/sources/classes/class_localization.php on line 114