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  1. Yeah, happends to me all the time, just try writing in the seach input fast with deleting some chars u typed, fast, and it will just log out.
  2. Hello, what is the status for now ? Would be interested in buying this! Thanks!
  3. Built in import/export function for ban filters too please. :D
  4. Really happy with the Facebook features. Looking forward to downloading 3.1.1. Hoping it doesn't come out with a lot of bugs. :P
  5. LOL I know. I'm just sayin'. xD
  6. Old 2.3 mods made compatible with new versions of the board. Like the wiki with 2.3.6. :(
  7. Installed the mod again on a fresh 3.0.5 board. Everything basic works fine except for what is explained on this post. Also, an option to disallow attachments would be good.
  8. I love the search overhaul the most. The search had a lot of issues back then. I haven't fully tested it out yet but I'm very optimistic about it. All I'm hoping for now is that my license doesn't expire before the launch date. :P
  9. Can be bypassed by updating your status through your Profile. This works perfect with the Status Updates sidebar though. Uninstalled for now. Will re-install once the profile bypass is added. :D
  10. yay for Facebook. :D
  11. For some reason, this doesn't work with 3.0.5.
  12. Quote from Matt: "I liken us to a large multi-national family business." = Forum Mafia!!
  13. Mine's only 0.2071 sec. Most of the time its on that range too.
  14. What happened to it? What are the downsides on IPS' side?