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  1. Thanks!
  2. I run a gaming website, and I want to use IP Nexus to manage my donations to the server and ranks people get in return. However, the system I use now (through a third party), automatically ranks them on the server. is this possible to have done (as in have a PHP script be executed on payment success). Also, can anyone post an example of a post-donate script?
  3. This looks awesome! So helpful on Gaming Communities like mine where it is hard to constantly change peoples bans and such, and the auto-decrease is an awesome feature to have.
  4. Yep.
  5. Isn't it sort of up to the owner of the server to know what they are doing in terms of security? I mean if you are unaware of all of the security issues that can arise, then you really need someone else to be there doing that for you. Next thing you know we are going to have that MS Office Paperclip thing on the pages saying "I think you ment to do this, so I have fixed it for you."
  6. I will be releasing an updated version of this later today. Edit: Updated Version Released.
  7. Very late reply, but I am going to see if I can get this updated for 3.2
  8. I run it locally on my Mac. It should run just fine assuming that PHP and MySQL and the appropriate Apache Modules are installed. I haven't personally run a server, so I can't help you there. However I would suggest using the built in Time Machine feature to run automatic backups of your server. They are amazingly helpful and you can easily browse back to a day/hour and restore it instantly.
  9. I blocked all emails containing blizzard in them as the constant spam getting though my filters was pissing me off.
  10. And yes, I do believe there is an upgrade path. If I remember correctly 1.1.2 doesn't work at all with PHP 5 without some serious editing.
  11. I love GMail. Used it a lot in school for documents, especially because a bunch of teachers are using it now for submitting documents and doing online quizzes. I have all my emails forwarding to it, and I use the labels a lot to distinguish who it came from, and to which email it went to. I guess I'm kinda stuck because I wouldn't want to change all the DNS stuff on my server, and it is simple enough. Also has great spam filtering.
  12. Right now I don't have an active license, so I cannot download it to update it. I didn't realize it is still in somewhat high demand. If someone would like to take over this project, then please POM me and I will send you the details.
  13. Its up to IPS to make the final decisions, and if they think it will help them against their competition and improve their software then thats their decision.
  14. Its just people that can't handle change very well, or don't like change. Happens every time. If companies did exactly what their customers wanted, then nothing would ever get done. Sometimes you have to just go with it.