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  1. Is there a way to update the theme without losing current settings? (Social Media Info, Background image etc)
  2. Was just about to report the same thing, I can confirm. The issue is with Firefox (it's fine in IE and Chrome)
  3. Hey Tom, For some reason the live editor isn't keeping changes. When I select to change the background/width etc it saves on that page. Then when moving to another page anywhere on the forum the default settings are loaded instead. Thoughts?
  4. Hey Tom, When I try to upload the XML file I'm told there is a 3MB limit. I'm sure this is an easy config change, thoughts? Thanks!
  5. Awesome thanks Adriano. I'll await a fix :)
  6. Hey Adriano, I had this plugin for 3.x and it worked great. For some reason in 4.x when I try to export members from X group it only seems to export a few emails (Less than 20) when there are at least 800+ members in that particular group. Thoughts on the issue?
    This works extremly well what an awesome and easy mod!
  7. Holy Shoot balls batman. My forum is about 5 years old and I've never really taken the time to run a speed test. I did (on GTmatrix) and I got a D and C specifically. ok fine whatever it's never effected our traffic all that much, I don't think. Anyway I add in the .htaccess modiciation (with some slight changes) below the rules I already had in place. I reran the test and received and A (93%) and B 83%) What exactly is going on here and why the performance jump?
  8. Before going through a major upgrade we always like to butter up the members (you know how people hate change) Is there a key feature list that shows the major changes between 3.x and 4.0? Thanks!
  9. Yes! I'm running the mod now and it seems much much faster. You should put a note in the changelog :) This mode is quite valuable in that we have 30k members on our forum. Your link module helps drive sales to our store, so, well worth the money :) Thanks again
  10. hmm I just updated to the latest version and it seems to be working better :) Perhaps I'll give it another try
  11. I actually stopped using the mod because it slowed down our site so much. (We have a pretty powerful dedicated server too) We even upgraded (we're cloud based now) in hopes that it would help with the speed issue but no luck :( We used it to link keywords to our online store and it really helped bring in sales! However I'm wondering if perhaps we used too many keywords? I would be willing to install it again and provide you ASP details if you think perhaps you could help resolve the issue. We'd even be willing to pay you for your time if needed.
  12. Just an FYI for other admin I had to upgrade the entire skinset for the "you don't have permission for that" error to be resolved :) (Which it's now resolved)
  13. Yo know I'm not sure to be honest :( I believe it was.. I don't use the feature it was my members that pointed it out.
  14. Sorry for the delay! I had to attend a business trip outside the state. That is correct regular old forum. I'm using 3.4.7 Let me know if it's ok to PM you my board URL so you can take a closer look :) (or even you need some ACP details)