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  1. I've also fixed some PHP in the code, as it was causing notices... define( USE_TEMPLATES, 1 ); has been changed to define( "USE_TEMPLATES", 1 ); and if ( $redirect ) has been changed to if ( isset($redirect) ) (I hope that was not for use with register_globals...
  2. In order to get nginx to work:
  3. is getting an SQL error when trying to visit forum/xml.php

  4. has a cold/man-flu :(

  5. You finally got your Nexus then :) Nice move!
  6. Awesome ^_^
  7. Bai Portsmouth

  8. Any chance of the option not to use Or to use it with my API password etc.
  9. You have way too much fun talking to yourself. :P Looking great though.
  10. thinks a server load of 13 is a bit high :P

  11. One of the many backgrounds I have on rotate. PC: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 o/c to 2.8Ghz (stock 2.4) 6GB RAM (3x2GB) Some DFI micro-ATX motherboard 1TB RAID 5 GTX 275 Windows 7 Pro RTM (<3 technet)
  12. I'm subscribed to the Site news in my Google Reader, and every now and then, the whole lot of your news comes in at once. For instance, 3 hours ago, I had all of your recent news (last 10 items of something). I had the same about a week ago, and some time before then. It's really annoying, because I've already seen these feed items.
  13. What's the normal price going to be? I don't have a use for CSS yet, but I might in the future.
  14. The HTC Hero was announced this morning in London, for more details: or Thoughts? How about against the new iPhone 3G S?