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  1. This is exactly what I tested and I can't reproduce it. How odd. What version of IPS are you running?
  2. I have fixed those errors at least 4 times, but the database checker is doing I don't know what. Multiple developers have complained about this, because none of us can figure out how those errors get there in the first place. Go ahead and feel free to run them, it won't break anything. No updates on that issue. I haven't actually worked in a few days, lots of stuff going on. I tested the splitting issue myself, and I didn't see the set dropdown or any of the other set fields. Are we talking about the same thing? Can you post a screenshot?
  3. It's on my to-do list for this mod. I am hoping to make several enhancements to this over the next couple of weeks, that's one of them. Location specifically would be tough, though. It's not really a searchable field, just the way the content is stored.
  4. Important: Previous version had a bug when adding/editing questions on the front end. A new version has been uploaded to correct this. If you downloaded this mod yesterday, please grab the latest. Thanks.
  5. A new version has been uploaded to the Marketplace. Changes include: Question titles were not displaying properly in the popups. Fixed. Popup Width property has been replaced with "Popup Size". Choices are based on what is available in the IPS framework - Narrow, Medium, Wide, or Full Screen
  6. A new version has been uploaded to the Marketplace. Changes include: Moved set fields above the post content instead of below Sets & Templates were required when splitting a topic. Fixed. The latest version should fix this issue. I don't have a demo available. Perhaps someone here can give you the URL to their site?
  7. Again? ARGH. Ignore them. They mean nothing, this is IPS screaming for absolutely no reason whatsoever. There's nothing wrong.
  8. I've just uploaded a patch to the Marketplace for this issue. Please upload the latest files (no upgrade necessary) and let me know if there are further problems. I apologize for the delay.
  9. Try this: Login to the ACP Go to Community -> Templates -> Sets Find the set you want to work with and choose "Manage Views" from the dropdown on the right Set "Use Default View Template" to "No" Click in the text area to edit the template Find {$item->$label} Replace with {$item->$label|raw} Hit Save Let me know if that works.
  10. I don't have screenshots, because there isn't much to look at. By default it looks like: Field 1: value Field 2: value Field 3: value But... you can customize it and make it look like anything you want. You can use HTML formatting and make it light up in red, white, and blue if you want to. It can show either before the body or after the body, it's your choice.
  11. I'll think about it. No promises. You might be better off having this done as a custom mod on top of this app.
  12. Yes. You would create different templates, each with the appropriate checkbox list, and then you would link each template to the appropriate forum.
  13. Data is stored in a separate table. It is displayed as part of the post, below the actual post content. You can customize the layout of the fields and values. Custom Profile fields are not related to this application in any way. If you uninstall the application, the tables will be uninstalled (like any other application). If you disable it, the tables will stay put, as will the data inside it. It will not be corrupted, but it also won't be displayed in the topic.
  14. A new version has been uploaded to the Marketplace. Changes include: Database schema mismatch was showing error messages in the Support tool. Fixed. Deleting a set in the ACP threw an error. Fixed.
  15. A new version has been uploaded to the Marketplace. Changes include: Questions and Answers now support multiple languages. Images and attachments did not save properly. Fixed.