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  1. OK. So we have new forums that work and existing forums that don't. Now we're talking. Sounds to me like something is just not configured correctly. Off the top of my head, the following are some educated guesses: Is this a permissions issue? For example, are you viewing this as a guest, but the forums are not visible? You can also try disabling the "Honor Permissions" setting. To do this, login to the ACP, go to Community -> Social Stream -> Feed Actions. Click the edit icon next to "New Topics" Did you accidentally exclude the existing forums? You can check this by going to the same screen (Community -> Social Stream -> Feed Actions -> New Topic -> edit) and checking the "Excluded Nodes" field. If there are any forums listed there, these will be ignored by the mod. If neither of the above are the answer, I will need ACP credentials in order to troubleshoot this on your site directly. You can PM me with this information.
  2. You said the widget. There is a widget and there is a page, I'm just clarifying if you were talking about one or both. I'm also confused by the following statement: So you created a brand new SITE and it's working on the other site? Just not the original one? "all other existing boards" - how many sites do you have?
  3. Does the main feed page show the posts?
  4. This mod does not pick up existing posts. It will start picking up activity that is created after installation. Have you tried posting since you installed it?
  5. Sorry. I don't typically like asking for sponsors... it just feels funny to me to do that because I don't like asking people for more money than they would normally pay. But if someone comes to me and volunteers, then.... sure.
  6. Thanks for posting. I will look into this, but given the approaching Jewish holiday (Sunday evening - Tuesday evening), it may not be until end of next week.
  7. November. Someone has come forward and offered to sponsor it in order to expedite it. So... November.
  8. Yes.
  9. No. This app doesn't add categories, nor does it handle sorting. For blog, it would add custom fields when posting a new blog entry.
  10. @Admonstrator it appears that this app is conflicting with the "Lazy Load Videos" plugin that you have installed. If I disable that plugin, the fields show up properly. This is not something that I can fix for you, you would need to contact the author of that plugin. I don't have access to the code there, but an educated guess is that the hook file is not properly calling the parent method, which is preventing my code from running. Feel free to quote me on that to the author, and he can contact me if any clarification is necessary.
  11. It's really group them as a set, then assign the set to a container (which is a forum), but I think you have the general idea. At this point I'd need to troubleshoot directly on your forum, since I can't reproduce it here. Is there any chance I can get temporary ACP access? If so, please PM me with the credentials and I'll take a look.
  12. I apologize for the delayed response. I've been on holiday for the last few days; this is the first time I've been at my desk in nearly a week. I have tested this app under 4.1.15 and I am having no issues at all. Everything displays properly. Are you by any chance using a custom theme? That's the only thing I can think of that might interfere... if the theme is custom and not calling the post content correctly.
  13. That will work. Please PM me with credentials.
  14. What are the values that are currently in the database? What version of IPS are you running?
  15. It looks like it's just not saving changes.... the "Required" option is disabled on your list and enabled in your edit screen. I'm not able to reproduce this.... can you try removing the container from this list and then re-adding it?