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    I have been using this for a few weeks and it's now at a stage where I am REALLY HAPPY with the results! We use it for a simple classifieds system with transactions disbled for the most part. However, having the commerce integration and being able to offer members packages to feature their ad, as well as the ability to offer coupons, really makes this application stand out from a basic Pages based system.
  1. This is a new application from Adriano Faria, very good indeed! I try to keep it clean to highlight the content, I think the background needs some work but I'm unsure what would work best.
  2. Added a classifieds section recently, Let me know what you think. http://www.kartreview.co.uk/
  3. Any chance of supporting the new Classifieds app from Adriano? On classifieds we can have a package which has the option to FEATURE the ad. If these ads could be placed in your slider that would be fantastic!
  4. Of course Adriano, many communities will have most of the viewers which are members already. For myself, as it's a content driven website rather than a community driven site, many viewers will not go to the trouble to sign up. Can the "Make an Offer" be hidden for guests, as clicking it on returns an error page. Or maybe grey it out stating "Sign in required". As for the group of the test board, I don't seem to be able to submit a bug? Correction: My original account is "Kart Review" over at your site
  5. Adriano, I have just seen your post above and image a new account was created for leaving feedback/bugs on your test site. Could you edit my existing account so i'm in the correct group, thanks While I'm here, I have a couple of issues. 1.) When you re-size the width of the forums etc, the image and grey details box loses its margin so the two are butted up to each other. This happens on default theme and also on your site when the window is re-sized. 2.) If I view the advert as a guest, I cannot see the "contact seller" button. It's very important for me that guests can view this information. Thanks On the flip side, the "Make an Offer" should be hidden for guests and only available for members. This may be a setting but I cannot see this...
  6. I'm not fully sure what you are asking Adriano. If you just mean you will take a look at this in a future version, great
  7. Ah, you must have sharing turned off on your test board. I was just looking for an example of which elements would appear in the shared ad, (Image, price, description etc) I don't really know how all these fields would be chosen and displayed correctly by the facebook API.
  8. One more question Adriano, Are there any plans to add a share option to ads? Many of my users want to be able to create an ad and then share directly from the ad to facebook. This will allow them to share to multiple groups on facebook without creating the ad multiple times. It would work just the same as how sharing a topic currently works, by clicking the facebook icon at the bottom of the screen. Thanks
  9. If anyone has a live, working example of this with plenty of ads, I would be very interested to see this @Adriano Faria Is it easy enough to apply a custom template to the main page of classifieds? Just like you would with Pages. I'm not keen on the Sliders as they don't show enough products, I just want a landing page with all the latest ads shown. I will only have one category. I'm looking at doing something like this;
  10. For some reason my Slider has disappeared after the last update. It's enabled as a widget, and all the settings are present... Am I missing something simple? Sorry, This is not an error with the slider, t' seems to be an error with the IPS menu system which was pointing to a page which was not set to display the Slider. Thanks.
  11. Old thread i know. Can somebody show me where to go if I wish to learn how to create templates to display data from my database in pages? I could create the physical layout, and sort the CSS etc. The problem is, how do i insert/fetch the data from my database to display in the template? Eg, what do i write if I want to include the field "Price" in my template???
  12. Contact Adriano Faria, he's developing just what you are after.
  13. Win 7 64
  14. Just recently my internet has been dropping to really slow speeds. It's connected using a USB Wi-Fi dongle to a router. This has been this way in the same location for two years with no issues. Now, my internet will randomly drop to around 2-3 MBs as opposed to 30MB which I would expect. Mobile devices still get 30MB connection even when sat right next to the dongle location. I hooked it up to a power line adapter with an Ethernet cable and it slightly improves to around 5MB. So, Mobile devices are solid, they always get the full speed connection. My desktop however is slow. Today, it would not even connect to the router properly and kept timing out. I'm also noticing some other strange (possibly unrelated) issues. Some icons, mainly the tray icons (volume, signal strength etc) are going all pixelated, like they have lost there anti-aliasing. This is also happening in firefox with fonts which are not default texts, such as google web fonts etc. A re-start fixed the icons and also the connection picked up to around 5MB. This seems really random as some days it works as it should. What I would like to know is what could be causing this? Could this be some sort of virus? Could it be something to do with how the desktop is handling connections in general? I would never normally connect these issues as they are totally different, but they seem to happen at the same time. Any ideas?