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  1. For some reason my Slider has disappeared after the last update. It's enabled as a widget, and all the settings are present... Am I missing something simple? Sorry, This is not an error with the slider, t' seems to be an error with the IPS menu system which was pointing to a page which was not set to display the Slider. Thanks.
  2. Old thread i know. Can somebody show me where to go if I wish to learn how to create templates to display data from my database in pages? I could create the physical layout, and sort the CSS etc. The problem is, how do i insert/fetch the data from my database to display in the template? Eg, what do i write if I want to include the field "Price" in my template???
  3. Contact Adriano Faria, he's developing just what you are after.
  4. Win 7 64
  5. Just recently my internet has been dropping to really slow speeds. It's connected using a USB Wi-Fi dongle to a router. This has been this way in the same location for two years with no issues. Now, my internet will randomly drop to around 2-3 MBs as opposed to 30MB which I would expect. Mobile devices still get 30MB connection even when sat right next to the dongle location. I hooked it up to a power line adapter with an Ethernet cable and it slightly improves to around 5MB. So, Mobile devices are solid, they always get the full speed connection. My desktop however is slow. Today, it would not even connect to the router properly and kept timing out. I'm also noticing some other strange (possibly unrelated) issues. Some icons, mainly the tray icons (volume, signal strength etc) are going all pixelated, like they have lost there anti-aliasing. This is also happening in firefox with fonts which are not default texts, such as google web fonts etc. A re-start fixed the icons and also the connection picked up to around 5MB. This seems really random as some days it works as it should. What I would like to know is what could be causing this? Could this be some sort of virus? Could it be something to do with how the desktop is handling connections in general? I would never normally connect these issues as they are totally different, but they seem to happen at the same time. Any ideas?
  6. We are hosted by IPS. Nothing special. Kart Review UK (Powered by IPS)
  7. @Mike John Pleeeaaase can you make the categories show the videos contained inside it. I really want to use this application but it's fundamentally flawed in this respect. My users (when given the link as its not visible on the front end) keep saying "It says there are no videos, even though it says "X" amount next to the category. And I have to explain to every one that they need to click on the sub category to see the videos. It's really not very good functionality, especially for the price.. Paul.
  8. How do we utilise this feature as a user?
    Just what I expected
  9. Will this fix the mobile header? If not, It would be very nice to see this on mobile
  10. I created an announcement from Moderator CP, selected to show on forums, and then added the announcements block on to the main forums index. The announcement only shows on the main index..
  11. Suite

    Nothing in particular, just nice integration between the two. Most of this will be acheived through blocks though I would imagine (if available within the classifieds app) On an ad page, where it states the user, their feedback should be easily visible. Simple things like this really.
  12. Suite

    Are you working with Andy to integrate this into classifieds? Just aware this appears close to being released where as Classifieds still seems to be under development. @stoo2000 @Andy Millne