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  1. I would love a feature that would go through and tell you about unused folders and SQL tables, and offer to prune them for you.
  2. [quote name='tera
  3. Someone should certainly direct a staff member to this thread. :P
  4. FYI: THis no longer works on 3.1.0
  5. There should be an option in the skin generator to generate a mobile skin using the same colors. Just sayin'.
  6. I noticed when I upgraded to IPB 2.3.6, extra linebreaks were left behind when quotes were stripped, after you quote a post containing quotes. I opened a ticket about this, and they pointed me to the sources/classes/post/class_post.php file, which had the linebreak stripping line commented out. I uncommented it, however, that removed ALL linebreaks, which wasn't desired either. Instead, I resolved my issue by leaving that line commented out, and instead inserting the following before the quotestripping line: $tmp_post = preg_replace( "#(?:\n|\r|\r\n)(\ It effectively removed any extra linebreaks left behind from the quotestripping. You could integrate this into the quotestripping function, but I decided not to because I may want to change the way this is handled on my forum later. Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys be aware of this issue. :) I didn't post this in the bug section because it's not a bug per se, but I'm suggesting it be added.