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  1. How can I award someone multiple awards at a time, rather than one by one?
  2. I wish IPS would create a tool for this. Run it, and it cleans out all old unnecessary files and folders.
    Needs option to open links in new window.
  3. Any updates on this? Would really love to have it back!
  4. Still having the username issue with the latest update. Some members are being welcomed by other members names.
  5. I've upgraded to 4, and can't wait to have this back.
  6. My members enjoyed this plugin and installed it on 4 when I upgraded. However there seems to be some issues they are sending me so I'll refer them here. "Topics I've Participated In" being only threads I've started and commenting on another thread does not become part of the topics I've participated in.Topic titles have a long delay, they eventually change to read.Welcoming members as the wrong member.Anyone else using this experience this? I'd really like to have this a part of my community.
    "Recently discussed forum topics:" seem to be delayed, they eventually change to read. "Topics I've Participated In:" only show threads I've started. Commenting on another thread does not become part of the topics I've participated in.
  7. [Delete] Figured it out!
  8. Just upgraded to 1.2.1 on my test forum and lost the sidebar, is this still broken? EDIT: Just tried the above fix, and the sidebar box still won't show?
  9. +1 for this as well. There has to be a way to set all posts as un-approved until they get approved. It would be nice if it was part of IPB, but even a third party mod would be useful for some.
  10. I'm not sure why I put 2.3.x versions, as I'm currently running 3.0.5 and it works ok. Was wondering if I should post this in peer to peer?
  11. I have a test board setup using 3.1.1 and made two accounts to test some settings. Has the way messages get marked read changed since the 2.3.x versions? I notice I can post something new under one account, and then log on under the other one and it shows all messages already read. The only thing that is the same on both accounts is the IP address. Even when logged out, and on as guest it shows marked as read. So I decided to log on via my phone (Android) and low and behold, the messages were marked NEW on the phone as a guest. I have two people in the same household (IP Address) that read the forums, both admins and this wouldn't work out that good. If this is not the case what could be wrong? It's happening with both the default IPB skin and one I purchased from skinbox.
  12. I'd like to see a list of carriers supported also. Is there a way to send a text to multiple #'s or just one?, which would be a nice feature to send out "mobile updates" of sorts.