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  1. Thank you anyway. I guess i will have to give up then.
  2. So i guess my question is still not understandable enough?
  3. Hi, thanks for your answer. But thats not what i mean. The header doesnt need to remain fixed on top as you scroll donw the page. I just need the header not to reload as you navigate through the board. Remember framesets? something like that. The page is split in 2 frames. The upper one has the header and he lower has the content. Since the content is inside a frame itself, you navigate within the frame there so whenever you click on a link or something, the new page opnes within that frame (the lower frame) while the upper frame remains the same. Sorry if it sounds too complicated, but its really very simple. Thank you.
  4. hmm, not actually. I havent seen a board like that but i will try to explain with pictures: this is the index, right? now clic on MEMBERS -> (member page is loading) -> and we got the members page. noticed how only the part below the header loaded but the header didnt? thats what i want to achieve when navigating through all the pages. While the header stays STATIC, only the rest of the pages changes. Sorry about the poor explanation, its the best i can do. I hope its clear enough now. Thank you.
  5. Hi, seems like you didnt see my question in my last post since it got buried by all the newer ones. Please check it out: Thank you for your time.
  6. Oh god, he is from Syria?? i hope he is not dead by now...
  7. Hey! no support here?
  8. Hi again, actually i was forwarded here by another member: basically im looking for a navigation similar to the one in the admin panel when you are editing template bits. Thank you.
  9. Hi, im looking for a skin that allows you to load all the content on the same div without loading header. Can your skin do that? is it possible to see a live demo? Thank you.