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  1. Yes, I've 20/30 new pm at day... In the previous version there are a flag "leave conversation".
  2. Then I leave PM sender blank?
  3. Ok thanks. I can live without widget for now
  4. I renamed the widget and restart mysql to recover forum. But now I've many outofrangeexception errors in the log. How can I remove widget without uninstall the plugin? /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Front.php(432): IPS\_Widget::load(Object(IPS\Plugin), 'topicThumbnail', 'lag1kyhl1', Array, NULL, 'vertical')
  5. I test the issue with the latest version of the plugin and also with the v1.1.14, same problem. I can give you the ACP access but the problem is that the widget broke all things and forum become not accessible. This is a live forum and can be a problem make test now.
  6. @onlyME I confirm that if I try to use the widget all forum stuck and after some time got error 500. Same problem of @Prank I think.
  7. @stoo2000 Hello, I've a populated "suppression list" on sparkpost, how to manage this old entries with Mail Bouncer? I want that member just in suppression list receive also a notification or move to validating.
  8. @Mike John How to send PM as "system" or how to auto leave PM after sending ?
  9. Reply to PM please..

  10. Hello, I try RSS for all topic but as Prank wrote the performance is not good. I want to use RSS with some services like feedburner and when I try to import RSS feed I got always a timeout error.
  11. Remove all motm widgets, save and retry.
  12. that Member age for 4.x in profile is fixed ?

  13. @Tripp_UK @ArMaTeC Bugs fixed.
  14. @Tripp_UK Bug confirmed. @ArMaTeC Bug Confirmed when you set notification by MAIL. Fixed in the next release.
  15. Not yet tested in I try to update my dev board and testing my apps soon. Thx for report.