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  1. True, only some annoying logs.
  2. This issue can't happened with a real user, but I add a check to avoid this.
  3. I've the same SQL errors in the log. You need to add a check for guest users. regards.
  4. Fixed and 2.3.5 released.
  5. Maybe a compatibility problem with IPB 4.1.14 I upgrade my dev board now. Stay tuned.
  6. I can't replicate this issue on my live forum and on test board: I found only that I missing a language bit. Try to disable all app and plugins and enable only motm.
  7. O_o I've tons of featured contents... Uhm... I try...
  8. @onlyME I try to upgrade the app from the old ipb3 version, I got Table 'mydb.ibf_featuredcontent_sliders' doesn't exist because I've mydb.ibf_fcontent_sliders in the db.
  9. From the old ipb3 version I miss the feature to use html on: GENERAL SETTINGS-> MESSAGE
  10. Something like this:
  11. As I share this post: Can be a must share Q/A form FAQ System to a post.
  12. A must have feature for my community is definitely the ability to share in a post a single question / answer.
  13. Hi @Mike John, there are an option to show logo only in forum view and not in the home page?