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  1. Remove all motm widgets, save and retry.
  2. @Tripp_UK @ArMaTeC Bugs fixed.
  3. @Tripp_UK Bug confirmed. @ArMaTeC Bug Confirmed when you set notification by MAIL. Fixed in the next release.
  4. Not yet tested in I try to update my dev board and testing my apps soon. Thx for report.
  5. iMakeup

    Version 1.0.0


    This application will allow to setup many "makeups" for your forum. Index Page Features: Selective Grid Feature ( for category ) Custom container for every forums, background color and border Custom Tag for every forums, text, color and size Global Features Remove the word "forums" from index for a more compact index view Add a special icon if a forum has special rules Other customization coming soon... iMakeup are tested and developed on default IPB4 skin Last compatibility check: If you have a problem with a custom skin I provide a full support for free!!!


  6. True, only some annoying logs.
  7. This issue can't happened with a real user, but I add a check to avoid this.
  8. I've the same SQL errors in the log. You need to add a check for guest users. regards.
  9. Fixed and 2.3.5 released.
  10. Maybe a compatibility problem with IPB 4.1.14 I upgrade my dev board now. Stay tuned.
  11. I can't replicate this issue on my live forum and on test board: I found only that I missing a language bit. Try to disable all app and plugins and enable only motm.
  12. O_o I've tons of featured contents... Uhm... I try...